Monday, November 12, 2012

Ear hairs

Hello blog.

I've missed writing in here big time. But whenever I think about writing a post, I realize I have no idea what to write about. My life was a lot different a year and a half ago when I started this thing. I blogged about a lot of art stuff, and sometimes posted drawings daily.

Now it's been a VERY long time since I've drawn anything.

Or posted daily.

But it's ok.

Don't worry about it.

Here's a little bit of what I HAVE been doing.

Hanging out with my two favorite peeps.

Putting babies in pumpkins.

Pondering how hard it must be to hold your head up when your cheeks are that big.

Aaaannnnnd here's one more.

Also I've been listening to the new Mumford and Sons album on repeat for like a month now.

Because, honestly. So. Good.

By the way. My baby has tufts of hair that grow out of the tops of her ears. (They are too delicate and shy to be seen in pictures, although we have tried.) Like a hobbit. Except hobbits grow hair on their feet, I think? Maybe an elf. I thought these little hairs would have gone away by now but she seems to be getting more of them. I think I will be sad if I ever discover they are gone one day. I'm not sure where she got the hairy ear genes from. I wish I could say it was me, but alas my ears are bald.