Friday, March 25, 2016

Playing Catch Up. 5/52 - take two

Since I have skipped...a few...of my weekly photo updates, I figured I would include several of my favorite pictures of the girls lately!

Neva is turning into quite the little charmer. She loves to smile at people, especially people who have black rimmed glasses like her daddy! She can roll over from both her back and her front, loves being naked and hates putting on pajamas. She gives out quick, fat, scrunchy giggles when you blow raspberries on her tummy. I can't wait for when she starts giving us real life belly laughs!

In other news, I've started wearing a new perfume. Called Chanel Number Spit Up. It smells so great! Everyone around me enjoys it. Light, airy, earthy.

I know I keep saying this about Paisley - I cannot believe how fast she is growing up before my eyes! But also? I am really enjoying this age. 3 1/2, thats where it's at. I'm almost positive. She's learning about how to write and how to be a friend. She loves to color and to recite books that she has memorized. She's learning concepts of things like time and counting backwards. She says things like, "Is this tomorrow?" She uses her words to comfort and encourage others, and to talk about her feelings. Today she told me that my bathrobe looks cute on me. Clearly she was confused. Oh be still my heart!

What? They look like sisters? I didn't notice.

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