Saturday, March 25, 2017


It's that time of year - wavering between end of winter / beginning of spring for weeks and weeks. Paisley wonders every day what season it is, and so do I! Here are a few recent pictures from...sprinter. 

Paisley and Brian's daddy-daughter ball. I think Brian was even more excited to relay all of the details to me at the end of the night than Paisley was!

Neva the pink blob goes swinging

Family date at Dunkin Donuts. So delish! Neva's too concentrated on her bite of strawberry donut to show any emotion.

I love seeing what Paisley picks out to wear each day. Well, usually I love it. Sometimes I cringe. On this day she borrowed one of Neva's vests to be the finishing touch for her outfit.

Matching hat day for my pal BP and I

Hockey game / lollipop date with Pais

Neva's first ponytail. In this picture she's saying "baaayyyy" which she says for a lot of things but in this instance meant belly button.