Monday, January 26, 2015

Instagram Dump - Take 6

I'm posting a bunch of Instagram pics today, some dating all the way to last spring! Ah, spring, when will you grace us with your warmer days and soggy grass? Oh, it's silly of me to wish for spring when it's barely the end of January. Although we HAVE been having some spring-like weather around these parts as of late, as far as Minnesota goes in the least. After several weeks of negative temperatures, our recent days in the twenties and the thirties have been giving people a spring in their step! The other day I saw someone in a winter jacket and shorts which, well, is just about the most Minnesota-ey a person can get in my opinion.

In other news, Brian has been practicing his Scottish accent while reading Frog and Toad to Paisley, which she thinks it the funniest thing ever to happen in her short life, which pleases him immensely and boosts his comedic confidence to the greatest of heights, as you might imagine.

Also, when Paisley walked by me today in the living room she said. "Imma be back."

Hashtag thuglyfe.

And so. Here are a few snippets of our life from the past several, several, several months. Spring to winter, old house to new house, Columbia Heights kitchen tile to Cloquet kitchen tile, and so forth!