Monday, July 30, 2012


I woke up with this song by the White Stripes in my head this morning.

I hoped that it would result in a day full of power and energy.

When in reality I was napping within two hours.

I had a fun weekend. Did you? Friday night we were at a wedding of two great friends and I so totally got my dance on. Granted it was huge pregnant lady dance (resulting in a very embarrassing picture which will...not be shown here.) but it was still dance! And it felt awesome to do something that felt so normal.

The only problem was that even though I had such an fantastic time I completely wrecked my back, which resulted in me waking up that night to go pee and not being able to walk. Wonderful! I thought. Brilliant work, Elizabeth! I said to myself. I slowly lurched my way to the bathroom and back mourning the fact that I had now probably condemned myself to my bed for the rest of my pregnancy.

But in the morning it was much much better. So I was able to breathe a huge, thankful sigh of relief.

And declare my dancing days over until after girlfriend is long out.

Other weekend happenings which did not include dancing but were just as fun:

Birthday parties.

Baby showers, and getting to do a bump to bump photo. I've always wanted one of those. These are our friends Molly and Tim and they are great. Please disregard my disheveled hair and grimacing weird smile. Thanks, you're a pal.

Watching movies with the hubs.

Getting to hang out with the hubs' parents.

Scoring a $10 changing table from Craigslist that matches the rest of our nursery furniture. I'm all about matching over here. Seriously, it's a problem.

Getting special treats from McDonald's. Here's the hubs trying to eat his dipped cone while driving.

Here's the scenario. The hubs tries to eat his cone and drips everywhere. I kind of try to help but I'm also distracted by the three pack of chocolate chip cookies that I'm eating. Like, it's hard to stop eating them for even a second. (The day that McDonald's started selling chocolate chip cookies was the best and also worst day of my life.) Finally I find him some napkins in the glove department and he manages to get the cone down to a manageable and non-drippable size. While driving. Then. As soon as he says, "Well that was quite the adventure," he accidentally somehow flings the cone out of his hand, fumbles with it in the air and then catches it ice cream down in his palm. While driving. Cue very loud laughter and tears streaming down my face.  It was totally a Chandler Bing moment, and pretty much made my day.

The funny thing is that the hubs is so not a dropper like Chandler is. He has the reflexes of a cat, or lynx, or some other such quick witted creature. I think that it being so out of his character is why it brought out the big belly laughs.

And when you are almost 36 weeks pregnant the big belly laughs are very big indeed.

2 videos in one post! This is a first.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

These dayz

I noticed today that it's been awhile since I've blogged. It seems that I have come down with a case of nesting fever and all I think about is preparing for the baby (who is coming shockingly soon, as I have realized.) I would try and make excuses for myself, but I have accepted it must be a deeply embedded instinct that has temporarily claimed my life. So I make none.

Instead I will show you some of my recent obsessions.

Wiping down some garage sale finds.

Getting happy about some Dr. Seuss books I found at a thrift store. I am SO excited about girlfriend's growing book collection.

Hanging up the super cute Pooh Bear curtains that my own mother lovingly sewed.

Here's Geppetto. She's not quite an obsession of mine at the moment, even though she totally wishes that she was.

Hopefully she gets along with the new family member! Sometimes she can be a crabby patty. But we still love her.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012


Today I quite proudly made it to the gym for the second time this week.

Then I came home and in a moment of self righteousness chided the kitties on their laziness.

They didn't notice. It's good that they have each other.

I ate pizza rolls for lunch but then felt guilty so I ate a banana and strawberries too.

We've been doing some updating around the house. Here's a little window corner as proof.

I did some journaling slash doodling.

I met my bro for dinner so that we could talk and laugh. And eat. He's starting a new adventure this fall going to MCAD (Minneapolis College of Art and Design) and I am soooooo excited for him. It was a nice time and I even got to take home two mozzarella sticks that he didn't eat.

I went to Target to run some errands which ended up taking forever. Because I can't ever seem to run errands without them taking forever. It's because of my disease. My disease is called Unabletomakesimpledecisionsitis.

I rented a redbox movie since the hubs is out for the evening and I sometimes take these opportunities to watch chick flicks that I know I wouldn't be able to convince him to watch.

Now as I'm watching it with romantic weepy eyes I'm wishing he was watching it with me. Ya know?

Monday, July 9, 2012

Preg problems.

I've been meaning to write a post for some time about the funny parts of being pregnant. It's been taking me awhile to get to it...I first started typing a draft way back in like the middle of my 2nd tri. Now that I'm well into the 3rd tri I figure I'd better get going and finish this BEFORE an infant permanently enters my life.

So. On to the prego talk.

The first 16 weeks of my pregnancy were definitely the hardest because of the feeling sick and because of the lack of motivation to do ANYTHING (as evidenced by the many piles of dirty dishes that were a staple in our house during that time and by the fact that the entire month of February and most of March is void of any blog posts.)

But now that there is some distance between now and that horribleness I am able to laugh at a few things that happened during that time. Such as:

- I was constantly out of breath. Especially when taking a hot shower or after eating a large meal. I would just sit down after attempting either of these things and pant like a dog, chug water, and wonder how life could POSSIBLY go on. These are things I would have expected once I was further along and huge - not at the beginning! My friends all thought it was hilarious. I was not so sure.

- I was nauseous a lot - but more than that I had a constant gagging problem that was there whether or not I was actually feeling sick. Meaning I gagged all the time for no apparent reason. I would gag first thing in the morning when I woke up and continued throughout the entire day until bed time. I couldn't talk in funny voices because any change in my throat triggered it. And I couldn't even listen to OTHER people talk in funny voices because knowing what they must be doing with their throat to make that voice triggered it. Weird stuff.

- I super hard ugly cried over lots of VERY trivial things. Some of these things included stubbing my toe, worrying that I couldn't make it to the post office on time (and subsequently canceling ALL of my plans for the day just so that I COULD make it to the post office on time), being afraid of catching a cold, and not having any Saltine crackers.

Oh my dear sweet hubs was so good to me. I would routinely complain to him that my life would always be like this from now on, that I would NEVER get better. That I would ALWAYS be like this. He would calmly smile and tell me that I was of course wrong.

And he was of course right.

At right around 16 weeks or so I started feeling better. HALLELUJAH I was so overjoyed. Being pregnant has QUITE a bit more enjoyable since then I would say.

Funny little things that happen these days are:

-Walking (or more appropriately "lumbering about") like a large, slow, duck-like creature. The later it gets in the day the slower I move and the more I waddle. The hubs likes to mimic this walk with me when we are out and about so that I don't feel as silly. Or maybe he's just mocking me, I'm not sure.

- The inability to get in and out of bed without making lots of loud, labored grunting noises. It's seriously SO difficult. I have to stop to take a breather halfway through the process and can't control the volume of my grunts.

- Similar thing with getting out of the car. Sometimes when I get home I just sit in my car for an extra 5 minutes willing myself to try and get out.

- The clumsiness. And the forgetfulness. I'm always getting super mad at myself for forgetting to do something important, only to remember later that I DID remember to do the important thing. Silly.

- And of course there's the lung squishing. Self explanatory.

This pic was taken at 32 weeks. We're getting there, people.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Right now.

Currently I'm:

Wondering how my itunes made it's way to Elton John covers of Beatles songs.

Eating large amounts of lemon pudding from a large tupperware container.

Feeling excited about finding the EXACT mobile that I wanted for the baby's room nice and cheap at a garage sale this morning.

Getting ready to go teach violin lessons.

Looking at old 4th of July pictures. Here's the hubs and I last year, waiting for fireworks to start. We were downtown at the Stone Arch Bridge with some great friends.

This year we decided to skip the fireworks and go to the air conditioned movie theater instead.

In our defense it was very very hot here this week. For Minnesota, anyway.

My feet got so swollen I could barely get them in and out of my Chacos.

We saw Brave. It was fun. And funny. We (meaning me, hubs, my mom, my sis and her friend) had the whole theater to ourselves.

We enjoyed the opportunity to be very loud since we are by nature a very loud family.

Except the hubs. He's not so loud usually. He just shakes his head and says "SUPER!" when we do particularly loud or embarrassing things.

I know that he secretly loves it.

Maybe, I don't know.

How was your 4th? Anyone else decide to stay in and avoid the heat? Just us? :)

Monday, July 2, 2012


Ugh. I have a case of the lazies.

I've been trying to remedy it with lots of notebooks and planners (at least 4 different) filled with lists and detailed schedules of my day.

But sometimes my never ending lists and notebooks don't seem to do the trick.

What will do the trick? I'm not sure. I don't think it helps that my designated place to work these days is on the couch. And that the couch is soft and squishy. And that soft and squishy spots to sit are not so comfy these days as my lungs are getting compressed by my growing bowling ball bump which makes me desire to lay down on the soft and squishy couch in order to stretch out and BREATHE.

Which is not conducive to productivity.

Our basement is coming along very quickly thanks to the ever dedicated hubs.

Down there I will have a nice big workspace including a nice big desk.

Maybe my nice big desk will make me a more productive person. I think so.

In other news, I like summer a whole lot. I really do. But I don't like that it's the season that bugs come into your house. I'm always on the lookout for a insect enemy to kill.


I'm also wondering. What do you do to keep yourself on task?