Monday, July 9, 2012

Preg problems.

I've been meaning to write a post for some time about the funny parts of being pregnant. It's been taking me awhile to get to it...I first started typing a draft way back in like the middle of my 2nd tri. Now that I'm well into the 3rd tri I figure I'd better get going and finish this BEFORE an infant permanently enters my life.

So. On to the prego talk.

The first 16 weeks of my pregnancy were definitely the hardest because of the feeling sick and because of the lack of motivation to do ANYTHING (as evidenced by the many piles of dirty dishes that were a staple in our house during that time and by the fact that the entire month of February and most of March is void of any blog posts.)

But now that there is some distance between now and that horribleness I am able to laugh at a few things that happened during that time. Such as:

- I was constantly out of breath. Especially when taking a hot shower or after eating a large meal. I would just sit down after attempting either of these things and pant like a dog, chug water, and wonder how life could POSSIBLY go on. These are things I would have expected once I was further along and huge - not at the beginning! My friends all thought it was hilarious. I was not so sure.

- I was nauseous a lot - but more than that I had a constant gagging problem that was there whether or not I was actually feeling sick. Meaning I gagged all the time for no apparent reason. I would gag first thing in the morning when I woke up and continued throughout the entire day until bed time. I couldn't talk in funny voices because any change in my throat triggered it. And I couldn't even listen to OTHER people talk in funny voices because knowing what they must be doing with their throat to make that voice triggered it. Weird stuff.

- I super hard ugly cried over lots of VERY trivial things. Some of these things included stubbing my toe, worrying that I couldn't make it to the post office on time (and subsequently canceling ALL of my plans for the day just so that I COULD make it to the post office on time), being afraid of catching a cold, and not having any Saltine crackers.

Oh my dear sweet hubs was so good to me. I would routinely complain to him that my life would always be like this from now on, that I would NEVER get better. That I would ALWAYS be like this. He would calmly smile and tell me that I was of course wrong.

And he was of course right.

At right around 16 weeks or so I started feeling better. HALLELUJAH I was so overjoyed. Being pregnant has QUITE a bit more enjoyable since then I would say.

Funny little things that happen these days are:

-Walking (or more appropriately "lumbering about") like a large, slow, duck-like creature. The later it gets in the day the slower I move and the more I waddle. The hubs likes to mimic this walk with me when we are out and about so that I don't feel as silly. Or maybe he's just mocking me, I'm not sure.

- The inability to get in and out of bed without making lots of loud, labored grunting noises. It's seriously SO difficult. I have to stop to take a breather halfway through the process and can't control the volume of my grunts.

- Similar thing with getting out of the car. Sometimes when I get home I just sit in my car for an extra 5 minutes willing myself to try and get out.

- The clumsiness. And the forgetfulness. I'm always getting super mad at myself for forgetting to do something important, only to remember later that I DID remember to do the important thing. Silly.

- And of course there's the lung squishing. Self explanatory.

This pic was taken at 32 weeks. We're getting there, people.


  1. Ha, I only laugh because I understand. The first bit was rough, but I'm glad it's so far in the past that now it doesn't even seem quite real (guess that's necessary so we'll ever decided to do this again).

    And honestly, I am with you on the car. With the mix of my movements taking more effort and the extreme heat we were having, I've taken to sitting in the car for about five minutes before leaving and after getting home. So ridiculous but necessary.

  2. oh man, i can't believe you are already 32 weeks! so close to the end! not to scare you or anything, since you still have 2 months to go. but for some reason the 30's weeks just felt like the end was right around the corner.

    i can totally relate to most of these things...and it's crazy how instantaneously MOST of them go away. unfortunately 'pregnancy brain' i think just gets renamed to 'mommy brain'! ugh!