Wednesday, July 11, 2012


Today I quite proudly made it to the gym for the second time this week.

Then I came home and in a moment of self righteousness chided the kitties on their laziness.

They didn't notice. It's good that they have each other.

I ate pizza rolls for lunch but then felt guilty so I ate a banana and strawberries too.

We've been doing some updating around the house. Here's a little window corner as proof.

I did some journaling slash doodling.

I met my bro for dinner so that we could talk and laugh. And eat. He's starting a new adventure this fall going to MCAD (Minneapolis College of Art and Design) and I am soooooo excited for him. It was a nice time and I even got to take home two mozzarella sticks that he didn't eat.

I went to Target to run some errands which ended up taking forever. Because I can't ever seem to run errands without them taking forever. It's because of my disease. My disease is called Unabletomakesimpledecisionsitis.

I rented a redbox movie since the hubs is out for the evening and I sometimes take these opportunities to watch chick flicks that I know I wouldn't be able to convince him to watch.

Now as I'm watching it with romantic weepy eyes I'm wishing he was watching it with me. Ya know?


  1. Yes, I know. :) And I love that a highlight was being able to take over the leftover cheese sticks. Best.

  2. I have Unabletomakesimpledecisionsitis too! :(

  3. i feel pretty proud of myself for making it to the gym once this week :)