Saturday, February 6, 2016

2/52 - take two

We're back with week two, and so it looks like my goal of "get back into regular blogging" is looking preeeetty on track so far. High fives.

Here's Neva at 12 weeks old. She is growing into the roundest, softest, gentlest little face you have ever seen. Just a perfect little circle of a head and a little round nose and little round lips!! How can there ever be enough of Neva? I am perfectly smitten with all the roundness.

And here's my other cutie. Her head shape is also extremely nice and receives many kisses from me, and I can't seem to stop playing with her hair which of course is so annoying to her. Is that some type of milestone? Becoming annoying to your kid? Maybe I should write it in her baby book.

This Daniel Tiger coloring book is certainly being used to it's very greatest potential. Not a page is left untouched!  And not a cap is returned to it's marker. Seeing markers left around without their caps on is the type of thing that gives me the eye twitches and makes me want to run and panic and drop everything because wait!! the markers!! they are drying out, horror!!!! My instinct is to pack them safely away in a cupboard where they will be snuggly capped and rarely used so that they never run out of precious ink. But then my question is, what's the point of having a kid if they can't even use their markers? Even if their memory is not yet adapted to returning caps to their proper mates. There is something in my personality that always wants to save "the good stuff" for "something special." (Big hand quotations in the air.) The good outfits, the good desserts, the good markers, the good coffee, the good smelling body wash. But you know what happens - they of course never get used! And we end up with six bottles of unused and forgotten "special" body wash from three years ago stuffed in the back of a cupboard.

We'll call this an opportunity for growth for me.

And so on Monday we are buying new markers from the good old Walmart because all of ours are pitifully shriveled and parched and very, very well used.

Good story Liz.

Thanks everyone.

And now, I leave you with evidence of a snow experience.

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Saturday, January 30, 2016

1/52 - take two

In hopes of getting back on the blogging train, I'm starting a new 52 weeks project. When Paisley was a baby I blogged one photo of her per week for an entire year. Now I have two little girls to document!

Neva is growing by the day, quickly gaining pudgy rolls up and down her arms and legs. She delights all of us with her sweet smiles and coos, and even Paisley can't seem to resist stopping mid-shenanigan to kiss her head before speeding on by.

Paisley is my spirited, very spirited child. This girl doesn't walk anywhere. In fact, I'm not entirely sure she knows what walking is. She knows all about running, jumping, leaping, hopping, galloping, dancing, make-believe ice skating, but there is no evidence that shows she knows anything about...walking.

Which brings me to bedtime. By the time bedtime rolls around I'm quite exhausted by the constant, bouncy, and quick non-walking movements of my three year old. I haven't entirely nailed down bedtime routines now that we have two, and the hubs is often working in the evening so I'm left to put the kiddos to bed myself. One night this week I was trying to convince Paisley that she should put on her pajamas instead of jump in and out (and in and out and in and out) of her bed. My temper was running short, Daddy wasn't home, and Neva was fussing in the next room. Paisley pulled her pink panda bear pj shirt half way over her head and started stomping around like an ape, waving her arms around saying "booka baka booka baka."

I was about thiiiiiiiiiis close to losing it and declaring "OK TIME OUT NO BOOKS BEFORE BED LIGHTS OUT GOOD NIGHT."

Untiiiiil I realized how hilarious she was actually being. Like, she was being super funny. Sometimes this girl's comedic timing is spot on. And this was one of those moments.

So then I started laughing. And the night got better. And we were friends again. And it still took forever to get the pjs the rest of the way on and the teeth brushed and the books read but we laughed for some of it and so...perspective right?

Here's week one of my 52 weeks project from 2013!

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Hello again.

Hey there! Once again, I took a bit of a blogging break. I was pretty surprised when I picked up this old thing and dusted it off to see that the last time I had written was in MARCH. When there were still mounds of SNOW on the ground.

Thankfully we're not in March anymore because obviously, March is the worst. Or one of the worst. July on the other hand is awesome. Warm, sunny, a baby kicking in my belly. Right at 19 weeks! The morning sickness is gone but the back pain is already here and rearing it's ugly head, settling in until December when the little sprout is out.

Although I would pick back pain over morning sickness/feeling like my life is over at any time.

Here are a few of my favorite photos from the last few months!


Thursday, March 5, 2015

snow/sick days are sometimes the good ones

Look at me! Writing again after just a few days. It's all these fun snowy pictures that happened the other day, and I just had to show you. We had a snow/sick Tuesday this week and hooked up our old VCR (horrid eye sore that it is) so we could watch Lion King and Jungle Book and all those special warm feelings classics. As Paisley listened in awe to her first "AAAHHHSAVENYAA," Brian and I cried confused tears of happiness/sadness as Rafikki held up baby Simba, and we reveled in the strange sensation of showing her such a favorite childhood film while not being children anymore ourselves and ALL THE FEELINGS.

Ok I was the only one who cried those tears. Brian just looked at me, a startled look on his face.

And then Paisley only lasted about 3 more minutes into the movie before she went on to play with her opposites puzzle but ALL THAT ASIDE.

It was magical.

As the day went on and I looked at the piles of snow climbing outside our windows I thought to myself, "If I was a REALLY good mom I would take my daughter outside to play in what will likely be the last large snow fall of the year."


So we ventured out into the snowy mounds even though I couldn't find my snow pants and Paisley had the time of her life while I watched and took pictures and the hubs shoveled the driveway, despite feeling sick. Brave, strong fellow that he is.


is the caption for the last picture.

In case you were unsure.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

My cats don't actually like being dressed in baby clothes

Well I'd like to say that I update my blog more than once a month but...looking at the dates of my last few posts...that's not looking like a true statement.

On that note, here are some more statements that may not be true:

I'm good at sports

My cats love when I dress them in baby clothes

Paisley and I didn't force the hubs to dance to Disney songs with us in the living room last night

In fact we never convince him to have living room dance parties, ever

I was on time this morning

I'm usually on time to things in general

Air Bud is a good movie

I know how to fold a fitted sheet

And here is a statement that IS true: these two goofballs make my life pretty great. Especially when they trade hats.

Ok lets see if I can make it back here again before another month goes by. Ready go!

Monday, January 26, 2015

Instagram Dump - Take 6

I'm posting a bunch of Instagram pics today, some dating all the way to last spring! Ah, spring, when will you grace us with your warmer days and soggy grass? Oh, it's silly of me to wish for spring when it's barely the end of January. Although we HAVE been having some spring-like weather around these parts as of late, as far as Minnesota goes in the least. After several weeks of negative temperatures, our recent days in the twenties and the thirties have been giving people a spring in their step! The other day I saw someone in a winter jacket and shorts which, well, is just about the most Minnesota-ey a person can get in my opinion.

In other news, Brian has been practicing his Scottish accent while reading Frog and Toad to Paisley, which she thinks it the funniest thing ever to happen in her short life, which pleases him immensely and boosts his comedic confidence to the greatest of heights, as you might imagine.

Also, when Paisley walked by me today in the living room she said. "Imma be back."

Hashtag thuglyfe.

And so. Here are a few snippets of our life from the past several, several, several months. Spring to winter, old house to new house, Columbia Heights kitchen tile to Cloquet kitchen tile, and so forth!

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Season's Greetings!

It's that best time of the year again, isn't it? The season of appetizers, stockings, twinkling lights, vast arrays of cookies, listening to Tran Siberian orchestra on repeat for an entire month, laying around on the couch for days at a time with your family members the weekend after Christmas. The tree at our house fell down a total of three times, two of the times were on top of our own dear Paisley. Luckily she was never hurt, and would only shout in surprise from underneath the tree, "OH NO! Christmas tree fall down AGAIN!!!"

Our Christmas has been lovely. We've been spending time with family, playing new games, eating too much food, watching It's a Wonderful Life, and fighting over who gets to snuggle with my mom's new kitten.

And so here we are, Merry Christmas from us! Here's a few pictures of our festivities. If you were wondering where Paisley got her extremely adorable Christmas outfit, my own dear mother made it. Including the little black velvet jacket!

And here's the Christmas post from last year! Fuzzy memories, and the like.