Thursday, July 3, 2014

hi elephant

Well, I guess I haven't blogged since April? We'll just address that elephant immediately. Hi elephant. Nice to see you. You're looking good, have you been working out?

People would nicely say hey, you haven't blogged for awhile. And I'd be like, well, I guess you're right. And then later someone would more bluntly say, you need to blog again. And I'd be like, well, I guess I do. And then my hubs would say BLOG. YOU SHOULD BLOG. BLOG ABOUT THAT! BLOG ABOUT ANYTHING, DO IT, DO IT RIGHT NOW.

And now it's July? Well, I guess you're right about that too. But now we're in one of these situations where too much time has passed, too many pictures have been unshared, and I'm so completely behind that I need to start over. You know, one of those kinds of things?

The past few months have been a whirlwind of crazy. We had some trips, some sicknesses, some parties, some haircuts. For everyone, haircuts!! And we were rained out of a picnic, but we had a blast. And we saw kittens at a mini farm, but Paisley tried to sit on them. And we rode on a pontoon, and Paisley kissed the fish we caught. And then there was the time I forgot to order decaf at Starbucks and I nearly leapt out of my skin that night while trying to fall asleep. Because caffeine is not my friend. It's not even my frenemy.

Oh, and we're moving. So there's also that? Selling a house while also attempting to buy a new one in a city that is two hours away has been slowly sucking the life out of me. Inch by inch. Centimeter by centimeter. All friends and frenemies and extremely caffeinated iced lattes aside.

But we're making it, we are! Moving next week, and then the fun of arranging a new house starts. I'm thinking my blog inspiration will come rolling right back right around then. Because new house! And because honestly I shouldn't let this happen again. When I signed onto blogger today I could barely remember what to do in order to start a new blog post. I was all, "Wait, HOW DO I BLOG POST???"

The two loves of my life, right there. Doing "surprised face." It's a big hit around here.

I'll be back dudes. Don't even worry about it.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Brown grass and orange chacos

These pics are from last week on a lovely day that reached the low seventies. Swinging, sandboxing, hanging out at the bottom of the slide, swinging, sandboxing, and saying hello to the neighbor's plastic owl that sits on top of a pole near their driveway.

Thats what we like to do outside when it hits seventy degrees.

That weekend I promptly headed to a big garage sale and bought the girl some summer appropriate shoes. Because brown boots can only get you so far in life.

AND! I think later this week it's supposed to hit 80 at some point! Now just think about that. Eighty degrees. What a world. We'll whip those new sandals right out.

Never mind about the 5" of snow that fell last night and currently covers the yard. Never mind about that.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Wednesday stuff.

Paisley and Pinkerton watching as Daddy leaves for work.


She's just like me because she savors her food, making her desserts last as long as humanly possible. She wants eating her favorite things to be AN EXPERIENCE. I so get it. I remember one back seat car ride home from my grandma's house many years ago with the goal of making my single Andes' mint last for the entire two hour car ride. And I was successful. The other day at the grocery store when Paisley got her free cookie, she held on to her very last bite for a good fifteen minutes, giving it a little lick every so often.

She's just like the hubs because she has a certain spot for everything and says "uh-oh!" if one book is out of place. There is a very particular system for how she picks up her toys, organizes her little people, and arranges all her shoes in a perfect half moon around her. The hubs has special categories and orders for all his books and DVD's and whatever random things that may need to be organized. Ironically, he can barely stand to look at Paisley's bookcase because it's not organized to HIS particular preference.


Her eyes are just like mine - the same squinty-ness when she smiles and when she's just woken up.

Her eyes are just like the hubs' - the same blue with the same special tiny brown spot just under the left pupil.


It's so weird. That we made this little person, who is both of us, and yet very much herself.

Hashtag deepthoughtsonawednesday.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Here's a story.

Look! I managed to cut all of the snow out of this photo. We can pretend spring is here, even though there's another snow storm scheduled for tomorrow and Friday.

Whatever, I'm over it. Do what you want, Mother Nature!! You're dead to me.

Just kidding! Love you so much, you're sweet, send more spring pleeeeaaaaseee

So guess what. On Saturday I lost a pizza. A huge take-n-bake supreme pizza from Aldi. Huge! Delicious. And it was sad, sad! 

Here's how it went. The toddler and I were headed to Aldi for some canned tomatoes, and I spotted some hip looking teenagers walking out with one of those awesome looking pizzas. "What a great idea for lunch, Paisley!" I said, clearly influenced by their carefree pizza plans. I mean, I probably said that, as I was wrestling her stiff toddler legs into the cart.

A few minutes later we made our way back to the parking lot with a can of diced tomatoes and a huge pizza, which I put on top of the car so I could strap Paisley into her car seat. 

I thought to myself, "Don't forget the pizza on the top of your car."

"OK self!" I chuckled.

Then we drove home.

As I pulled into the garage a couple minutes later I realized that the pizza was not in my front seat, and that I had indeed forgotten it on top of my car mere seconds after reminding myself not to.

And I sat there in disbelief.

Then I got out and looked on top of the car. There was no pizza there.

"Mama?" Paisley called from the back seat.

I didn't answer her as I realized what had happened, and as I asked myself the question: am I the type of person who will drive up and down the streets looking for a lost pizza, or am I the kind to slink silently into my house and never breathe a word of this event to anyone?

Obviously I decided that I was the first type of person, and announced to Paisley that we were going to keep driving for a little bit. Luckily she was fine with that. Not that she had any say in the matter. Pizza is pizza! So we started slowly retracing our ride home from Aldi. Luckily we had taken the back roads and not the highway. I tensely scanned the road, longing for delicious melted cheese and raised crust to stuff in my mouth. 

And then, I saw the box! Quickly I pulled over and leaped out of the car, only to realize something was dreadfully wrong. The cardboard box was indeed there in the middle of the street, but the pizza, which had been wrapped in plastic, was gone.


"Wait, what?" I mumbled to myself. Maybe it had flown out of the box into some unsuspecting yard. I drove up and down the street a couple of times, searching with pleading eyes, but it was to no avail.

Someone had come across a pizza in the middle of the street and they had asked themselves the question: am I the type of person who will take a random supreme pizza out of it's box from the road and feed it to my family? 

And obviously the answer to that question was a quick yes. I say quick because it couldn't have been more than two minutes that that pizza sat there. We live very close to Aldi. 

Not that I can blame them. Those pizza snatchers. That was a good pizza.


Obviously after my forgetfulness I did NOT deserve to go back to Aldi and spend ANOTHER six dollars on a huge supreme delicious cheesy pizza. And so we drove home as I swallowed the lump in my throat, reminding myself that it was ridiculous to almost cry at the thought of having the leftover casserole in our fridge for lunch. After all, the hubs didn't even know my brilliant Aldi-pizza-for-lunch plan and so he would never know the difference if I just handed him some re-heated hot dish without a word on the subject.

But, as I'm an over-sharer in every sense of the word, I disclosed every single detail of the entire fiasco to him when the baby girl and I got home. 

As I just did in this post.

He looked a little disappointed. 

BUT he ate the hot dish without complaint like the good, kind husband that he is.

What a champ.

The end!

Monday, March 17, 2014

Maybe if I just pretend spring is here it will really happen?

These pictures are from a few days ago, when I decided to take Paisley out on a walk. The sun had been out all week and snow piles everywhere were melting away! Our alley behind our house was no longer a terrifying snow fortress. The week had been a busy one and we hadn't gotten outside much but I kept reminding myself that FRIDAY I had off, and we could go on the LONGEST of walks that we wanted!

Imagine our luck when Friday rolled around and the sun was hidden away, the wind was out, and the temperature had sank back down to below freezing. Frown face.

"No matter!" I declared determinedly. We would still go on our walk.

And go on a walk we did. It included slipping through mud, getting the stroller stuck on ice ruts, trudging through knee deep snow to get to the swings at the park, getting slush and snow and ice in my rain boots (my snow boots clearly would have been the better option), swinging, loosing Paisley's boots numerous times along the way (toddler boots!! come on!!!), trying to keep the little girl from eating the dark mud splashed onto her mittens, and snapping a few pics along the way.

I guess I tried to force things a little bit. But we still had a good time! Paisley maybe a little bit more so than her mother, who's feet were frozen in slush but who's upper body was sweating from carrying a 22 pound kid through knee deep snow.

And of course, as we stumbled back into the house and started stripping off our wet clothes, I saw the sun starting to peak out from behind the clouds.

"Just our luck, Paisley!" I cried.

"Cookie!" she said.

Today it's snowing again. Frown face! Spring come quick!

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Recent Work - Pastel Lion

Here's one of my most recent naptime pieces! A big, burly, hairy, growly lion. Mufasa, probably.

"AARRR" as Paisley would say.

When was the last time you watched the Lion King?

Is it worth setting up your old VHS player so that you can watch it?

Who's better, Timon or Pumbaa?

And whatever happened to Jonathan Taylor Thomas?

These are the questions you ask yourself when you are lion-drawing.

Ok I just googled JTT. Turns out he doesn't regret taking a break from the spotlight after Home Improvement, and spent lots of time at school and likes to watch movies at home and is interested in directing and writing.

Maybe he likes drawing lions?

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Snow dayz

Last week we had a couple gorgeous, warm, spring-like days. And by gorgeous, warm and spring-like I mean above 32 degrees Fahrenheit. So the little girl and I put on our boots and snow pants and hats and mittens and coats, and the hubs put on a baseball cap and tennis shoes, and we all headed outside to enjoy the fresh, hopeful air.

It was wonderful.

Then the next day we got like ten more inches of snow and this week we are in the midst of another polar vortex of below zero days's exciting. And by exciting I mean BLAAAAAAHHHH. The people on the radio this morning said that this is the coldest winter we've had in thirty years WHICH MEANS that this is the coldest winter of my lifetime.

That's crazy stuff, man. That's big, and I should be like WOAH, history.

But instead I'm just doing my very best to ignore that it's happening.