Tuesday, February 16, 2016

3/52 - take two

A little glimpse into our day.

Here we have Neva, sweetly oblivious to the fact that she was almost stabbed in the eyeball by the pink parasol being wielded by her sister, who happened to be dressed in a dog suit. Made for a pretty nice picture.

We were having a dress up day. Or maybe I should say, PAISLEY was having a dress up HAY DAY and was incredibly pleased with herself. As one is when wearing six princess dresses at once. Plus a panda hat, flower necklaces, and Pinkerton.

Hi. I'm Paisley. Could I BE wearing any more clothes?

"Crazy" and "bag lady" are some words that come to mind while gazing at this photo.

Previous 3/52 - this was a good one. OH the cheeks of Paisleys past.

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