Friday, June 28, 2013


Getting our swing on to combat the afternoon grumps. Lucky for both of us there are lots of parks with swings to choose from in our neighborhood. Helps this mama keep her sanity!

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Six years of wedded bliss

Two weekends ago was the hubs and I's sixth anniversary. SIXTH! I know, I can barely believe it myself. What business we have of already being married six years, I don't know. But I wanted to share some pics from that weekend. All of them were taken with our phones and some are fuzzy, sorry bout it.

My mom and sister generously agreed to watch our baby girl for her VERY FIRST overnighter without us. Oh the excitement! And oh how glorious it was to sleep in on that Saturday morning.

We took our time getting ready, fitting in an episode or two of 30 Rock, and then headed to Uptown to begin our adventures. Chocolate Eclairs at Woullet Bakery to start things off was a great choice, by the way. Then we hopped on our bikes and rode around Lake Calhoun, Lake of the Isles, and Lake Harriet. THREE! Three lakes I tell you! I was shocked to later learn that we only biked a total of about ten miles because my thighs SWORE it was at least 25.

*Quick Disclaimer: I do have friends who bike (or run) many MANY more miles than this on a regular basis so I won't get too cocky.*

But still my sense of accomplishment that day was large. Large indeed.

Along the way we played a new game (our new obsession, I think we are maybe becoming gamers?? alarming? but maybe not), stopped to chat on benches, went swimming in some chilly but oh so refreshing water (it was like icing my thighs. my thighs! oh the burn), admired all the lovely houses, and got rained upon. 

Bike helmets give me Mary Tyler Moore hair. By the way, did you know that show takes place it Minnesota?!? I most certainly did not. Until recently.
Our new favorite game, Lost Cities. Perfect for two players and compact enough to bring wherever we go because we are obsessed.
Gasp! Ghost feet! Just kidding, don't be alarmed. It's just us whiteys.
Approaching storms. This was about the time we started pedaling faster. But oh my thighs!

Then we headed to the MOA to use up a gift card we had there for dinner. Parking lot photo!
For the first time we tried one of those pay-by-weight frozen yogurt places. I know, we are so behind the times! But now I can do this: #FROYO
We had such a great weekend, and it was fabulous to have so much time to focus on just the two of us.

Not that we didn't miss our little girl, though. Basically with every baby that we passed by you could be sure to hear "awwwww Paisleyyyyy" come out of my mouth. 

Last year for our anniversary I was so preggo.
And the year before that we went to the zoo!

Saturday, June 22, 2013


Study of a dandelion.

This pic was taken last night, just an hour before a huge storm that turned the park across from us into a lake, the street into a river, and the curb into class 2 rapids. The hubs was really wishing for a canoe right about then.

And ok, I was too.

Friday, June 14, 2013


Here we are, tasting those helicopter things that fall to the ground. She's been making that scrunchy nose face all the time lately and I am thrilled to have finally caught it in a photo, since she usually breaks out her big scrunch free grin when she sees me get the camera. Girlfriend knows when to pose.

My oh my but do I always mean to blog more. I have nothing but the best of intentions! I've been meaning to write about current art projects, trips to the farmer's market, upcoming shop updates, the decimal of my daughter's voice when she wants peaches RIGHT THIS INSTANT WITH NO EXCEPTION...and probably some other things too. The weather, most likely. And how lame it is.

Sunshine! You are my friend. Please come back to me.

I've been busy with work and projects and laundry and peekaboo and baby girl dance parties and lamenting the fact that 9-month olds don't understand the meaning of WAIT JUST ONE LITTLE MINUTE AND MOMMY WILL GET IT FOR YOU, and also trying to catch whoever it is who messes up my kitchen immediately after I clean it. Who could it be???

Saturday, June 8, 2013


The hubs captured this one the other night while experimenting with his new camera. That he got her to hold still for this split second is nothing short of a miracle.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Memorial Day Weekend

As promised, here are some pics from Memorial Day weekend. We go out to visit Brian's parents at Camp Forest Springs every year and there are always fun times to be had. This year was no exception. Beautiful weather (fortunately we were in Wisconsin - I heard everyone in poor old Minnesota had rain), kittens, ostriches, tasty meals, good chats, piggy back rides, and plenty of relaxing. I even squeezed a nap in there somewhere. Unheard of! And on the way home Paisley got to check out the grave of her Grandpoopaw.

AND. Brian received a very special surprise birthday gift from his mom and dad - a new wonderful, beautiful camera! That takes wonderful, beautiful pictures! So this post will be filled with tons of wonderful, beautiful photos. Just like the pros do it. 

There's a few iPhone photos thrown in there too though. 

We're not quite pros yet.

I believe this is the third year I've documented Memorial Day weekend here. Here's looking back to 2012 and 2011

Actually it looks like 2012 I didn't document much at all. Probably because I was too pregnant.