Thursday, June 6, 2013

Memorial Day Weekend

As promised, here are some pics from Memorial Day weekend. We go out to visit Brian's parents at Camp Forest Springs every year and there are always fun times to be had. This year was no exception. Beautiful weather (fortunately we were in Wisconsin - I heard everyone in poor old Minnesota had rain), kittens, ostriches, tasty meals, good chats, piggy back rides, and plenty of relaxing. I even squeezed a nap in there somewhere. Unheard of! And on the way home Paisley got to check out the grave of her Grandpoopaw.

AND. Brian received a very special surprise birthday gift from his mom and dad - a new wonderful, beautiful camera! That takes wonderful, beautiful pictures! So this post will be filled with tons of wonderful, beautiful photos. Just like the pros do it. 

There's a few iPhone photos thrown in there too though. 

We're not quite pros yet.

I believe this is the third year I've documented Memorial Day weekend here. Here's looking back to 2012 and 2011

Actually it looks like 2012 I didn't document much at all. Probably because I was too pregnant.

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