Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Cute Stuff

For this Memorial Day weekend the hubs and I headed out to visit his parents in Wisconsin. It was quite the good time, especially since his brother and sister also came out. Much fun and laughing was to be had by all! Brian's parent's work at a camp called Camp Forest Springs. Brian was raised there and also employed there for quite a few summers, and I even worked there for a summer. So it's a familiar place with many a familiar face. We caught up with dear family and friends, walked around a lot, tried the new rock climbing wall, got some campfire action, laughed, caught up with more dear family and friends, and then some more, and ate more than our share of ice cream desserts.

Oh, and we also went to the mini farm.

Which just happens to be one of my favorite things ever.

First of all, there are these funny guys. My friend Melody said they looked like broccoli.

Get that grass out of your mouth. Have some self respect.

These were Brian's favorites.

He tried to drape one around his neck like a shepherd. It didn't work. (Don't worry, no lambs were harmed.)

There were these little wide-eyed creatures.

This one had funny floppy ears and I liked that.

But this was my happy place, with these little guys. I could have spent all my time here. 

Brian pretty much had to drag me away.

Oh and look at this! A man after my own heart. 

Ya, I'm glad I married him.

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