Thursday, May 26, 2011

Twitter Bug

My name is Liz Points and I tweet.

Ya, but not too much. I guess I haven't quite gotten the hang of what I should tweet yet. I always mean to tweet something, but then I will think too hard about it and come to conclusions like, "oh nobody cares about that" or "you're trying to hard to be funny" or "that's dumb." So I usually don't tweet anything at all. Lame, right?

But I'm trying. Really.

Well kind of.

So. Do you tweet? Maybe you could share with me the secrets to your tweeting skills. How do you think of those little witty things to say so easily? And so frequently, in a way that feels as though you are talking to somebody and not nobody? How do you decide which little snippets of your life are worthy of the masses?

Please tell me that I'm taking this too seriously.

AND I'm embarrassed to admit this but, I really don't understand hash tags. 

Like I kind of do a little bit, but mostly I don't. Help a girl out?


  1. Don't feel bad!! You're definitely not alone. The hashtag is basically a labeling device. Sometimes it's an official hashtag (eg: from a conference or event), sometimes it's an unofficial but widely adopted hashtag (like #nomi after the tornado). Sometimes it's just a clarification about the tweet - like to clarify if the author meant to be sarcastic. Hashtags are really easy to search, which was their original purpose. Now they're used for fun a lot more, but the search/ID purpose is still there.

    Does that help at all??

  2. Lizzzzz I love your new blog by the way :) I think you should tweet whatever you want! You see I hardly ever tweet anything, but thats because I have the same issue as you...I think to much about it. If I would tweet half of the stuff i think of, your timeline would be full of my random, helplessly lame tweets, so I spare people my psychotic thoughts- thus what you see is my "more normal self" tweets lol! But i dont think you should hold back on what you tweet!

  3. Thanks Cindy, yes that helps! So, do people just click on people's hashtags and read all of the matching hash tags? And do people make up their own, or how do they decide which ones to use lol.

    And thank you Jorgen! I will start tweeting more if you tweet more. :) I'm pretty sure I would enjoy all of your psychotic thoughts.