Sunday, May 15, 2011

All about me - the part where I talk about myself a lot

Well, here we go. Anyone who might be reading this probably already know these things about me but...just don't think about that. A girl's gotta start somewhere!

I'm happily married to my better half, Brian, a ruggedly handsome adventure man. We live in a little brown house on a hill.  

no this is not an updated pic and its not at our 
brown house on a hill, it's at the ocean.

We like to laugh, read, play outside, watch Scrubs or Lost reruns, play with our kitties, camp, play rock band, kayak, watch our movies in alphabetical order (10 vetoes each), bike, walk, have long talks in the car, rock climb, and laugh together. It's pretty great.

Living with us are our two cats, Pisica and Gepetto. They are sisters.
Yes, we realize that Gepetto has an old man's name and that it's misleading and most people will assume she's a boy. But we are ok with that. And she probably is too. 

Gepetto & Pisica

You should know that I'm pretty much a crazy cat lady so there will lots more pictures of these two on this blog. It's just how I roll. I like cats. I really like 
my cats. We take lots of pictures of them. And we like to share them, because they are our babies. If we had an actual baby, we would probably share lots of pictures of it too.

Since before I can remember I have loved to draw. You could say that I was a drawing fiend. But when I went to school for graphic design, drawing fell by the way side a little bit. Not on purpose, but I had found a new interest. Now, I am combining both. And loving it. As I mentioned yesterday, I will soon start selling online. Yay! But also yikes. 

[ Update: the shop is open! YAY!! Have a looksie here. Blogged here on 6/4/11.]

Madge & Pat

I start with a sketch and then color it digitally. I'm creating for myself, for my own desires and purposes, not for a specific client. That makes me happy.

Not that I don't also enjoy creating for clients. Heeeyyy clients. In fact, a dear friend and I are in the process of starting a graphic design business. The website is not quite ready to be launched, but until then, if you have any design needs, please let me know! We will hook you up. With design.
[ Update 6/14/11: the website is up! YAY!! Have a looksie here. Blogged here on 7/3/11. ]

Here are some other random facts that I can feel you are just dying to know. Family is awesome. Friends are awesome. Music is awesome. Well, music that is good is awesome. By the way my sister and I are basically music soul mates. And no I'm not sucking up to her because she's one of the only people actually reading this and I want her to leave a comment. It's just simply true. I have also played the violin since the squeaky age of 5, and I teach violin lessons part time in addition to working a full time job. Sometimes I'm busy.

The most important thing about me is my faith.  I believe in a living and loving God, Jesus Christ. There have been times in my life where I have been broken. But each time He puts the pieces back together and I end up stronger than before. Cool. Sometimes I don't have all the answers, and I know my faith is on a journey. The one thing I do have figured out is this - I am on this earth to love God and love people. Simple.

Well, that ends the talking about myself post. Tune in next time! 

Look I even made a special signature:

But it's too big and I can't figure out how to make it smaller. I hate to break it to you, but for now we will just have to make do with humongous signatures with weird gray outlines around them.


  1. we are music soul mates. and it's wonderful :]

  2. Thanks Drew!!
    Good to see you figured out the comments dear Hannah. :)

  3. that picture of your cats is the cutest!!! gepetto is almost identical to my cat muffin. (who is a boy, he has the same problem with gender assumptions) Is she siamese and tabby?