Sunday, July 3, 2011

The Skylark Studio

Ok. I have been meaning to write this post for a couple weeks now, but remember back here when I said a friend and I were starting a graphic design business? Well I have some exciting news. Our website is up and running! This is especially a good thing because we have been handing out business cards for the past few months (actually since Christmas), and our business cards have our website on them. But...our website has not existed until a couple weeks ago.

We like to do things a little backwards I guess. Ya, it's how we roll.

Ok. Let me back up. A long time ago in the year of 2005 AD, I went on an 2 month overseas adventure to learn about missions work through the school I attended (good ol' Northwestern College in St. Paul, MN.) We had a total group of twenty fabulous people, many of whom are still very close friends today.

We went to England and did awesome things together.
We went to Romania and did awesome things together.
We went to South Africa and did awesome things together.
We went to Mozambique and did awesome things together.

To say it was life changing is an understatement.

(Yes, I was going to actually list all of the things that we did in all those places but then I realized this blog post would become a novel and...let's just do that another time.)

Here we are.

This is Romania. At a castle!

One of my team mates was a little red head named Emily. We got to know each other (as only two people living in such close proximity over two months could) and we realized we had a lot in common. We liked art. We liked graphic design. We liked to laugh at each others jokes and talk to each other in British accents. We liked music. As we painted a house together in the blazing African heat she introduced me to Ben Folds who eventually became my absolute favorite musical artist in the whole widest of worlds. This girl has good taste. 

Once back in the states, we would always say to each other, "Hey, let's start a graphic design business!" Then we would laugh, make some British accent jokes and continue on our merry way.

Years passed.

Then one day we said to each other, "Hey, let's start a graphic design business!" But this time we finally took each other seriously and did it. Soon after,
The Skylark Studio was born.

Here are some nice pictures of us.

Here's the
link to our shiny new website. Wanna take a looksie? And maybe there is someone you know who would like some design products? Perhaps a fresh new logo, brochure, or business card? Or maybe some classy wedding invitations? Perhaps an updated website or blog header? 

Feel free to just send them right over.


  1. congrats on skylark! my father in law is a graphic designer. and i have no idea why, but for a good portion of my teen years (before i knew what i wanted to do with my life), i thought i wanted to attend northwestern. i couldn't give you one good reason why, it just looked like a cool school!

  2. Thanks! It's funny, I was convinced for the longest time that I DIDN'T want to go to Northwestern (because everyone was telling me to go there) but then when I finally toured it I knew that was where I was going to be and didn't apply anywhere else! lol.

  3. ugh you're so talented! I love the website!! and that the invites you designed for my wedding made an appearance :)

  4. hehe thank you love! We still need to schedule a time for you to tutor me on marketing, hehe.