Tuesday, July 26, 2011



Just wanted to drop in and say hi.

My life has gotten a bit swamped in the last few days. With projects and projects. And work and work. And projects that are work and work that is projects. And just regular work.


The other day I got up out of bed, turned off the alarm (my alarm is on the other side of the room because you know.) and then I crawled back in bed. The hubs asked what I was doing. I told him, "I've decided that from now on I will sleep."

He made me get up.

TOMORROW. I will post a delightful new animal doodle. It goes hippity hop.

AND. I've got some awesome news to share. Well. Awesome in my book. But I will share it another day because right now I am tired. And I want to type it up all nice like.

Now I leave you with this.

That's me, my dad and my brother building a play house. Fun stuff huh? Do you ever yearn for the good ol' days?

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