Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Weekend Recap - In which I realize how out of shape I am.

My weekend was jam packed full of time with my hubs, which was awesome. Here are some things that we did.

-Made delicious crispy potatoes and homemade chicken nuggets

-Watched Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas
-Went on a nice long bike ride to the beach. I forgot my water and almost didn't make it. Man, I am out of shape. And our neighborhood has LOTS of hills. 

Lots I say. Here's what some of our conversation was like towards the end on our way home:

Brian: You can do it! (at the top of a large hill)
Me: AAAAHHHRRRGGGG (trying to make it up the hill. I went all the way down to first gear and moved centimeters at a time.)
Brian: This is the last hill! After this it's all down hill from here!
Me: REALLY?!?!?!  (pant pant pant)
....(we round the corner only to encounter more hills).....
Me: AAAAHHHRRRGGGG (I'm a charmer when I'm on a bike)
Brian: You can do it! (at the top of the next hill already)

It continued like that until we made it home. You get the idea.

-Later on when we (I) had recovered, we went to this fun little cinema in New Hope where they serve you dinner while you watch a ($4!) movie. Awesome! We saw the new Pirates movie. I was a fan, the hubs not quite as much. I was just glad to be rid of Kiera Knightly. And I had a delicious BLT and delicious waffle fries. 

Other weekend activities:
-Went to church
-Had small group at our place
-Watched Gone with the Wind. We are taking it in sections since it's so incredibly long. Right now we have stopped at the intermission. The part where she shakes her fist in the sky and says that she will never be hungry again. I guess we will just see about that Scarlett O'Hara.

I also killed some bugs.

If you are a bug in my house then you WILL meet your demise.


This is what Gepetto did over the weekend:

Then she did this:

It's a hard life being a cat. 

I'd like to see her bike up hundreds of hills in just one day.

Hundreds. I'm not exaggerating.

In other news I day dreamed about being a Broadway singer/star all day today at work. Which is weird because I'm not too much of a singer. Nor do I like the spotlight.

Ok well. I am an oldest child so I do enjoy just a BIT of the spotlight. But only just a bit.

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