Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Weekend Recap - The Fourth.

My fourth of July weekend consisted of these things:

-Storms, hail, Little Caesar's pizza and crazy bread, a movie.
-Chatting with my mom on her porch.
-Listening to the sis and her bf make fun tunes on stringed instruments. Like ukeleles and banjos.
-Celebrating my grandma's 81st birthday with her and the fam and watching fireworks courtesy of my cousin and his driveway. And Apples to Apples. I was winning for awhile. But then I wasn't anymore.
-Late night rooftops downtown with some dear friends. It's only with Jacki and Jorgen that my nights start and 11pm rather than end at 11pm.
-Time with the hubs included some grocery shopping, movies, rotisserie chicken (that we bought, yo. I won't pretend that we did the rotisserie-ing ourselves), rock band, a bike ride, discovery of a new FABULOUS park (like a 3 minute bike ride from our house!!!!) sunlight, cookie baking.
- Barbecuing with some wonderful friends at Lake Harriet, walking across the Stonearch bridge, meeting even MORE friends for fireworks in Minneapolis, and more late night adventures. Which included stopping at Psycho Suzy's but not actually going in, driving around a lot, and Uptown.

It was great I tell you.

This morning when I had to wake up for work it was not great BUT. It was worth it of course.

Here are some of the people I shared my weekend with.

Jorgen, Me (the shockingly white one), Jacki, Tina, Emily

Kelly, Jacki again (Jacki was visiting from North Carolina. We had missed her.)

Me and the hubs

My dearest friend Melody was there too during fireworks but I didn't get a picture with her. Sad face. So here's a picture of me and Mel. From the winter time. At camp. I thought you needed a break from looking at summer pictures for a minute.

Ya, she's a good one. Sometimes I like to carry her on my neck.

How was your fourth?

PS I do not take credit for most of these pictures. But Facebook does.

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