Saturday, July 9, 2011

Fennec Fox Doodle

(Semi) Daily Animal Doodle

This was another animal that I had to google to figure out what it was. But I was pleasantly surprised. You should google fennec foxes. They are ca-yooooot. Like little chihuahuas, except fluffier and cuter with more skin on their bones and not so shaky looking. And they have big ears.

Here's a sleepy one.

I wish I was snuggling with him right now. I could use a fennec fox snuggle.

Harumph. You know when you have a project that seems like it should be way easier than it actually ends up being?

I had that problem tonight.

I've been working towards getting stationery in my shop, but it's harder than it looks. Sounds. 

Sometimes you buy paper that you end up not liking so you now you have to buy different paper.

Sometimes you can't get things to print centered. And even though it's a simple fix it takes you forever to figure OUT that it's a simple fix.

Sometimes you have to print something six different times in order to get it to turn out well just one time.

Sometimes you forget to buy masking tape.

Sometimes you don't have any eraser left when you are trying to draw the daily animal doodle.

See why I want to cuddle with a fennec fox?

In other news I started following Alec Baldwin on Twitter and I never have any idea what he is talking about.

Ok goodnight!

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  1. so cute!

    are you printing stationery on your home computer? that's the biggest pain the butt ever! i can never get anything lined up correctly!

  2. I know! I finally got everything to print correctly, but since I didn't like the paper I have to wait for different stuff that I ordered. Someday I'll get them in the shop! I swear I've been working on it forever, lol.