Thursday, November 28, 2013


Our house got hit by the stomach flu bug this week, and it was not pretty. In fact it was very, very not good looking. But fortunately we have recovered in time for a delicious t-day feast this afternoon. Thankful for that and for all the other blessings the Lord showers us with every year!

Happy Thanksgiving folks!

Wednesday, November 20, 2013


Sometimes when my baby girl wakes up from her nap she is the crabbiest of all patties. Which I understand, because in my opinion waking up is the worst feeling in the world (one of the biggest reasons I mostly avoid taking naps - I hate having to wake up TWICE in one day.) But sometimes she wakes up happy and talks and jabbers away to herself in her crib while she distractedly takes off her mukluks and socks, and smiles as I take her picture. And I'm all like, what a pleasant child I have birthed!

Monday, November 18, 2013

Recent Pastel Work

So the other day I drew this classy old man with my pastels. I like how his eyes turned out crinkled and kind but he still seems like a mysterious dude. At one point I had a bit of an emergency when I thought I would add some bright red accents but with his pale skin it made him end up looking a bit flesh eating-ish zombie-ish. I wasn't sure he could be recovered but I think I managed to salvage it with golden accents instead.

One of the reasons I like my profession is that I can watch shows or listen to music while I do my work. Using two different parts of the brain, is maybe what it is. Anyway, we recently looked into lowering our internet bill and were told that if we got basic cable it would actually be cheaper than only having wireless. I don't understand why and I'm not going to try to. So now during Paisley's naps I can draw while watching old Office episodes or the last half of Jurassic Park 3 instead of going through all of our Everybody Loves Raymond discs on our x-box.

It's the little things.

Saturday, November 16, 2013


The weather yesterday took a delightful turn for the best, creeping into the sunny 50's. We of course took advantage and played in the sandbox, swung on the swing, messed around in the cold dirty water at the bottom of the slide, played in the swing set fort, cried when it was announced that it was time to go in, and used lunch as a successful bribe tactic to eventually wander peacefully into the house. You know, the usual.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Autumn Colored Owl and Squirrel Prints

Hi! So I shared a few updates from my shop the other day, and wanted to share a couple more. This fidgety squirrel and goofy owl were made to be pals. The rich colors on these prints are perfect for the fall season before it dwindles away into the dreaded snowy time!
Both of these prints are reproductions of my original pastel illustrations. They are available in two sizes or as notecards, snatch them up in my shop!

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Cats, Toddlers, Friends, The End

Here's a few pics from around these parts this last week. All of which include my baby. And her big cheeks.

Finally making nice with the cats, sweet toddler friends with matching shirts, and baby yoga. Her downward dog is better than mine. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't jealous.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013



The past couple weeks have been somewhat of a blur of activity, a scramble against time, an endless to do list. Hence, I am feeling the need to catch you up on all of the things.

First, I re-did my blog! Did you notice? You probably did, since it looks very different from before:

(The ghost of Pointsies past.)

I was feeling a little change and I also updated my shop to match. I'm not sure I'm completely finished with it all yet, but so far I am enjoying the new look.

Speaking of my shop, I've been working hard at getting some new winter products all up in there! I've been pastel-ing/printing/photo-ing/changing out of my sweatpants and into jeans two minutes before the hubs gets home (you know I got the hots for you Brian) like a mad frazzled woman these past few weeks and I'm excited to share my new pieces! Here's Papa and Mama Cardinal hanging out during a snow fall. Available in two print sizes, or as notecards.

Check out more over in my shop

So I'm hoping now that I have everything all updated for the holidays I'll be able to devote a little more time to writing in this space. Then I can keep you in the loop on important things like that time that I wanted to make chips and cheese in the microwave but then I realized we didn't have any chips so then I made them with water crackers instead but then I realized we didn't have any salsa so instead of chips and cheese with salsa I ended up with crackers and cheese with barbecue sauce and it just tasted really bad but I ate it all anyway.

It's important that you know about these things.

Sunday, November 10, 2013


More outside fall pictures! It's getting chilly these days, and the days of huge puffy coats that slip and slide all over the place are upon us.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Sheepdogs and sheep on Halloween night

Halloween at our house was a fun time this year. Unfortunately the hubs had to work, but my mom and sister came over to help the girl and I celebrate. Paisley was dressed up as a large fluffy dog, which she mostly enjoyed! (When she wasn't falling over because her peripheral vision was being obstructed.) We trick-or-treated at a few houses in the neighborhood and it was generally a success - little miss sheepdog mostly just stared down whoever answered the door. I think they all might have been intimidated into giving her treats. When we got back she was content to carefully sort her candies in various containers for the rest of the night. The longer she doesn't realize that candies are something to be consumed and instead uses them for her entertainment and organizational purposes, the better.

By the way. I was so worried this year about running out of candy! I didn't want to spend a lot of money so I only bought one bag but LAST year we DID run out of candy (although I think it was because the ever so generous hubs was handing it out by the fistfuls) and then a little girl shouted out to her friends, "THIS HOUSE DON'T GOT NO CANDY!" I was so mortified that I turned off all the lights and ducked down below the window, dreading anyone else that might find out about us and our lack of treats. Then when the hubs got back from rushing to the store for MORE candy I switched back on all the lights, flung the door open eager to redeem myself to the neighborhood kiddos, but the rush was basically over and we had lots of leftovers that we couldn't seem to unload on anyone.

SO. As I was saying, this year I didn't want to run out of candy so I firmly declared that there would be only one piece of candy handed out to each kid that came to our door (my favorite being a zombie ninja). 

And I don't know if there were way less kids this year or we are just not getting our ratios of candy to kids right, but we had so much candy left over. So. Much. I texted the hubs to inform him of our situation and he was all, "Way to go Mrs. Stingy!"

Please to enjoy my fuzzy phone pictures.