Friday, April 22, 2016

7/52 - take two

Neva is five months old! I can scarcely believe it. She likes to roll over onto her stomach and then cry about it, watch her sister play, suck on her toes, jump jump jump in her exersaucer, snuggle with mommy and daddy, and recently has been found to LOVE swinging. And seeing as she has an older sister who has made it her life's purpose to push her on the swing, this little one pretty much has it made. I have been thinking lately about how very soon we will need to start her on some solid foods and I just can't even with that right now. TOO FAST. Can't she just stay in this sweet, cuddly, animated (but for the most part stationary), non-stinky pooper, rolly-polly-snuggle-butt stage forever??

Paisley has grown into her big sister role so terrifically. She LOVES to help take care of Neva. And the cats. And Brian and I. And all of her many, many (MANY) stuffed animal friends. I foresee her growing into an encourager and caretaker role in our family. She is constantly complimenting people (the other day she told a complete stranger, "I really love your shirt!") and comforting ("don't worry Mommy, everything will be fine!!") I know I said it before but I am SO enjoying this age with her. Two was a rough year for me and I wondered at times if I was cut out for this mother business and I also wondered at times if my child would always be can I say this nicely...busy? Exhausting? (I was also pregnant for much of that year so maaaayyyybe that had something to do with it.) But three, or more so three and a half, is becoming more and more delightful by the day.

But still at times a little busy. Aaaaand once in awhile exhausting.

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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

6/52 - take two

Two easter bunnies in their easter dresses (made lovingly by their Mamaw) coming right up!

L to the P over and out.

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