Thursday, June 30, 2011

Cat Doodle

Daily Animal Doodle 
DAY 30!!! - Cat
(complete June list at the bottom)

Today is the last day of the June doodles, but July (here's the new list) will be starting soon! By soon I mean tomorrow. Whew.

This is a doodle of my cat Gepetto. The un-photogenic one. She actually has a lot more stripes than this, but you know me. Who has time for stripes. This is what she would look like if she went on a stripe diet.

I ran out of room on her tail. I always do that - start my drawing too big and then run off the paper. My drawing teacher in college always scolded me for that.

I have loved this daily doodle project - such a fab idea from Andrea at Paper Sparrow. It has gotten me to draw WAY more often and my sketchbook is full. I need a new one. I was also able to work on drawing faster - usually when I try to sketch or doodle something it takes me forever because I'm a perfectionist. Just ask the hubs - I drive the poor man crazy. But when you are drawing an animal every day on sometimes very limited time you have to learn to draw quickly and just go with it.

Here are a few of my favorites from the month: sea lion, giraffe, kangaroo, tortoise

Here are a few of my least favorites: whale, lion, orangutan, beaver

And here is the complete list!

BearFoxPigLlamaOrangutanKangarooSheepHedgehogLion,WhaleDonkey,Sea LionElephantPandaHorsePlatypus / ArmadilloMonkeyCheetahBeaverDogFlamingoRhinoOwlCrocodileTortoiseFlying SquirrelOtter, Hippo, Cat

Get ready for me July. I will do my best to kick your butt. 

Or we could just be on friendly terms I guess. Whatever.

This post is about my bathroom.

Week 5 of Gussy's Inspiration Workshop is here! This week's prompt was Perfect Bathroom.

I don't have a perfect bathroom, so taking a picture of it was not an option. But I didn't really want to try and look for a picture of what I WISHED my bathroom looked like because I get sad when I can't have I am posting a picture of my cats. 

Sitting in my bathroom.

I know, it's a pretty ingenious solution. 

I do have ideas to try and make my bathroom perfect, however. They include painting the floor tile white (has anyone ever painted their tile before, by the way? I've heard that you can do it, but haven't done too much research), making new curtains that actually match and don't make the wall appear purple (it's supposed to be slate. SLATE!) And...that's about it. New towels would be nice but you know.

We are also planning on putting another bathroom downstairs. Someday. And in order to make that one perfect I would like to request a very large tub. 

Large tub. Hear that hubsy? Large tub.

The hubs is still thinking on that one.

But we've got time. First we have to finish the laundry room and the storage room and my art studio. And then save up more money. And THEN do the bathroom. So time is on our side, friends.

In the meantime I am happy with cats as accessories. Have I mentioned that I'm a crazy cat lady?

Just kidding I'm not. Don't be scared.

I like cats.

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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Hippo Doodle

Daily Animal Doodle
Day 29 - Hippo

The month of June is almost done! I was a little sad at the idea that the daily doodles would be over soon, but then it was announced that there will be more daily animal doodles for the month of July! YESSSSS. Here is the new list. I'm super excited, although I may let a few slip by me this next month if I need to. You know on those busy days when I need to keep my sanity.

I gave this big guy freckles on his face AND on his butt. Just because.

Sorry that the lighting is not so good. Sometimes you just have to go with it.

I have a stuffed hippo named Blippo the Yellow Hippo. He's nice. He hangs out with Longbottom in my closet.

Daily Animal Doodles: BearFoxPigLlamaOrangutanKangarooSheepHedgehogLion,WhaleDonkey,Sea LionElephantPandaHorsePlatypus / ArmadilloMonkeyCheetahBeaverDogFlamingoRhinoOwlCrocodileTortoiseFlying Squirrel, Otter

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Weekend Recap - Wedding and Cookies

I think I will do this weekend recap in list form since list are my friends. Hello good, sweet little list.

....That I am about to write.


  • Played in the wedding of a dear friend with my sister (me rockin' the strings and the sis rockin' the keys and voice.) (But we didn't really rock, per say. Unless by rock you mean swaying back and forth to the nice wedding music.)
  • My sister and cousin came to spend the night at our house afterwards.
  • All of us including the hubs played rock band 3 into the wee hours of the night / morning.
  • Decided to go to bed.
  • Decided to watch Emperor's New Groove instead of going to bed.
  • But the sis basically went to bed. She's one of those fall asleep during every movie type of people. But she's a college kid so you can't blame her.


  • Woke up late, made pina colada flavored smoothies, ate chicken nuggets with honey, and made gigantic BEST EVER chocolate chip cookies. Soft and chewy and ah-mazing.
  • Watched Princess Bride. The sis stayed awake.
  • Mostly.
  • Tearfully said goodbye to the sis and cuz, then the hubs and I went to some grad parties of a couple of our youth group students. It's grad party season ya'll.
  • Looked at flooring for our basement.
  • Picked up Black Swan from Blockbuster.
  • That movie is nutso.
  • Went to our friends' house for a party and bonfire. We left right around the time they started burning huge cardboard boxes, which was probably the right choice.

This is getting long.

  • Church.
  • Lost.
  • Grad party.
  • Small group. I love small group.
  • Movie.
  • Bed.
Oh. And any spare moment that I had was spent working on the computer or drawing things.

I know it's nice to have pictures accompanying blog posts, but all I have to show from the weekend are a bunch of blurry wedding outfit pictures. I was going to post them, like as a joke, but then I said "nah."

Otter Doodle

Daily Animal Doodle
Day 28 - Otter

I like otters. Who doesn't? Friendly, happy, swimming around like goofballs. 

The scribbly things are supposed to be like a bush, or a pile of leaves or something. In my opinion life is too short to spend a bunch of time drawing leaves so I drew scribbles instead.

Plus I have to get to work.

But I have a little bit of complaining to do first. Last night I bit my tongue really hard and now it has a huge gash (HUGE I tell you. Ok maybe medium sized.) and it's painful to eat, talk, laugh, swallow, or even just sit there.

I know, woe is me.

You'd think that an almost 26 year old would be able to eat without injuring herself by now. Maybe when I actually turn 26 in about a month then I will have eating down to a perfect art.

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Monday, June 27, 2011

First Time Going to Camp

I recently started reading a new blog called Sometimes Sweet. Danielle, who used to be an high school English teacher, is going to be doing prompts for "journal entries," which you write in your blog. Like in creative writing class in school. I think it's such a fabulous idea!

I am excited about these new assignments because although I am already an avid journaler (that's not a word according to spell check I guess), I rarely actually take the time to write down stories from my life. I mostly just journal about feelings and stuff. You know. That's what journals are for.  

I always loved writing stories - I actually wanted to be an author for awhile as I was growing up. In fact, I spent a good chunk of my adolescence writing a story about a girl who had a talking rocking chair named Henry. But I never finished it. Sad day for everyone because it was EXCELLENT. 

Anywayz. Although I don't expect anything I write here to be excellent (how can you beat a talking rocking chair?) I am excited to have an excuse to write some stuff down. The prompt today was "first." I thought I might write about the first time I went off to camp. As a kid I went to a camp in Wisconsin called Camp Wapo. The first time I went I was in 3rd grade, for just a weekend long trip.

I was always a pretty independent kid. I am the oldest, and was usually not afraid to try new things. On my first day of kindergarten I was so excited to get on the bus that my bus driver had to call me back up to the front of the bus so that my mom could tearfully take a picture. Camp was no different. I was really excited and not apprehensive. But as my mom and I pulled out of the driveway in our huge blue Aerostar minivan, about to embark on our journey to good ol' Wisconsin, I turned around in my seat to see my dad galloping across the yard with my three year old sister in his arms, a smile in his eyes and in his eyebrows, waving to me with all his might. And in that moment, I didn't want to go to camp. I wanted to stay home with my dad.

I have lots of memories of that first camp experience. Tie dying a shirt and being disappointed with how much white space I ended up with. Buying those little pastel colored lollipops for ten cents that taste like giant smarties on a stick. The homesick girl in my cabin who called her mom all the time. The whole camp shutting down to look for me because I'd forgotten to sign out of the beach area when I left and they thought that I'd drowned. Actually I don't think that last one happened during my first year but it's worth mentioning because it definitely happened one of the years and man was it embarrassing. And the whole camp knew it was me. Horrifying, actually.

Camp was mostly good though...honest!

But the thing I remember the most clearly from that weekend is the perfect image I have in my head of my dad running across the lawn to see me off. For whatever reason, a dear memory.

Flying Squirrel Doodle

Daily Animal Doodle
Day 27 - Flying squirrel


I think this guy's wing span was supposed to be a bit bigger but I ran out of room on the sketch book. My apologies little flying rodent.

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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Tortoise Doodle

Daily Animal Doodle
Day 26 - Tortoise

Tortoise turtle, turtle tortoise.

At the zoo last week there was a huge tortoise/turtle trying to climb over a huge pile of rocks. I tried to tell him to climb up the smooth path that was right next to it but he didn't listen. He couldn't make it up the rocks and then he slid back down into the water. Then he went up the smooth path and made it just fine.

Told ya turtle/tortoise.

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Crocodile Doodle

Daily Animal Doodles
Day 25 - Crocodile

I googled crocodiles and I saw a bunch of zebras and antelopes being eaten and I didn't like it. So I closed google and made a happy crocodile.

Crocodiles, alligators. Alligators, crocodiles. When I think of crocodiles I think of brown and crusty and when I think of alligators I think of green and shiny.

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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Aren't we cute.

Back with the Saturday Snapshot link up! This pic is from two weekends ago, at our dear friends' wedding. Brian was a groomsman and looking all really good in his grey tux, and I knew we had to take advantage of it and get a pic.

Here's us later that night trying to take a self-timed picture in our kitchen. As you can tell, we're good at that.

Here are a few items of importance: I watered my plant. It is starting to droop a little less. My cat can steal pencils in the wink of an eye. I turn away for one second and there she is at the other side of the house with my pencil. And I like the smell of my arm near my elbow.

That's all, see ya later.

Owl Doodle

Daily Animal Doodle
Day 24 - Owl

This owl turned out a little on the feminine side. Not quite what I was going for but I guess I have nothing against females.

I need to water my plant. I have one plant in my house. It's droopy today.

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Rhino Doodle

Daily Animal Doodle
Day 23 - Rhino

I am so behind! Owl is also coming tonight. I mean this morning, I guess. Since it's after midnight.

Rhinos are super prehistoric looking. 

I'm watching Emperor's New Groove right now. With my sister who is asleep. And my cousin who is awake.

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