Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Otter Doodle

Daily Animal Doodle
Day 28 - Otter

I like otters. Who doesn't? Friendly, happy, swimming around like goofballs. 

The scribbly things are supposed to be like a bush, or a pile of leaves or something. In my opinion life is too short to spend a bunch of time drawing leaves so I drew scribbles instead.

Plus I have to get to work.

But I have a little bit of complaining to do first. Last night I bit my tongue really hard and now it has a huge gash (HUGE I tell you. Ok maybe medium sized.) and it's painful to eat, talk, laugh, swallow, or even just sit there.

I know, woe is me.

You'd think that an almost 26 year old would be able to eat without injuring herself by now. Maybe when I actually turn 26 in about a month then I will have eating down to a perfect art.

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