Thursday, June 9, 2011

Inspiration from a Green Table

It's week 2 of the Inspiration Workshop over at Gussy Sews! This week's prompt was Kitchen.

When I look past the flesh colored cabinets, the lack of counter space, and the crock pot that threatens to fall on your head every time you open the top cupboard above the stove, I like my kitchen.

I like the bright yellows and greens throughout the room. I like the tile my hubs laid with his dad. I like the curtains I sewed with my mom. I like the counter top and sink my brother installed for us. I like our little shelf next to the window that displays fun dishes and pottery.

And after living in an apartment for two years without a dishwasher, I LOVE that our kitchen has a dishwasher.

But I'm not going to post a dishwasher to the wide world of webs and call it my inspiration. Come now.

My grandma always says that. Come now. And she also says "Now aren't you ashamed of yourself," when you beat her at cards. Hehe, grandmas are funny. And wonderful.

I decided to go with our kitchen table for my Thursday photo. It's from the 50's and belonged to my grandparents. (Not the grandma I was just talking about...the other one.) I love that it's an antique, that it's green and funky, and that it brings history into our home. My dad ate off this table as a kid. So cool. 

Those are the chairs that came with it too. There are six chairs total, but we have a small kitchen yo. Two chairs is enough. The rest are downstairs.

Well that sums that up!

Check out everyone else's photos!


  1. I have memories of a similar green table at my grandma's as well, thanks for sharing!

  2. Oh my dear goodness! I want that table! You are very lucky to have such an antique.