Thursday, June 2, 2011

Inspiration from the hubs

I decided to hop on board with the Inspiration Workshop over at Gussy Sews. (This is my first time ever joining a linky party! Is it painfully obvious how new to this I am??)

Anyway. Gussy has a weekly photo prompt that is to be completed and posted every Thursday. This week's prompt was 

I know that I can find photos on the internet to use if I so desire, but I think I will really try and take all my own photos for every week, because my photos generally are very lacking. In other words my photos are bad. In yet other words I'm not a photographer. I depend on the hubs for his mad photo skizzelz. But I really want to improve my own so here we go.

So. Handmade. I decided to take this opportunity to brag on the hubs a little bit. This is his bouldering cave in our basement. His HANDMADE bouldering cave. It's pretty awesome, complete with crazy cool artwork drawn on it. 

Brian is an inspiration to me because once he decides to do something, he DOES it. With no worrying, no second guessing, no doubting himself. He wanted a bouldering cave in our basement so he built one. I am not this way. I worry, I second guess, I doubt, I put it off. Which is why it is taking me so long to open my Etsy shop!!! (But it WILL be done by this weekend! I am telling you. It will be.) My goodness.

Thanks for the inspiration, hubsy. You are just the type of man that I need in my life.


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  1. yay for featuring husbands! this is my first linky party too...but i used him as my inspiration too.

    i can't wait to see your shop come to fruition- your illustrations are adorable! (i'm new to the etsy thing too)