Saturday, June 4, 2011

A Grand Day

My etsy shop is open! Have a looksie. More prints will be coming soon. Stationary and notecards are also part of the plan down the line.

If you look around the shop, you may think that the only things I ever intend to sell are mostly bird related. If you are a bird hater you can rest assured that I will be listing non-bird items as well. And they shall make their appearance soon enough.

And yes, bird haters do exist. I never thought it possible myself until meeting two of my very dear friends - Jacki and Jorgen. Bird haters to the very core. Maybe that's why they are so close? They have a common bond of hate. Towards birds.

But I still choose to love them. Because love is a choice and not an emotion.

What? Anyway, the shop is open, and I'm happy. Weeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Now I just have to figure out Etsy circles.


  1. :) yaya! I added you to my inner circle! not that I have anything crafty on there....but maybe one day. and maybe someone who thinks I'm cool will check out who are in my selective inner circle, and then think you are cool too!

  2. hehehe yay!!! thanks love! :D