Thursday, June 2, 2011

Bear Doodle

Ok I ALMOST forgot about the Daily Animal Doodle that Andrea at Paper Sparrow is starting. And that I signed up to do it. When she first blogged about it I thought to myself, "my that sounds like so much fun." And then it flew my mind. Until tonight, when I checked my google reader before I was about to go to bed. 

Wait. It's June 1st?

And I need to have a bear doodle posted today?

(mad scrambling)

Well here is the first of my animal doodles! I admit that in my haste I just took a picture of the sketch - hopefully in the future I will make time to scan them! Anyway, this guy is inspired by a stuffed bear named Long Bottom who used to sleep in my bed with me. Once I got married my husband kicked him out of the bed. Now he lives in the closet.

I think this will be a really fun project and am so glad I remembered! I think I will end up publishing this just into the wee morning hours of June 2nd but hey, I was so close to making it in time.

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