Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Sheep Doodle

Daily Animal Doodles
Day 7 - Sheep

When drawing this little dude, I was thinking about these amazing flannel bed sheets I had in jr. high or high school, or something like that. They were covered with lots of little sheep. My best friend Emily one time found her favorite sheep when she was over, and wrote next to it in permanent marker "Emily's sheep." It never washed off and to this day I look for it when the hubs and I sleep at my mom's house and the sheep sheets happen to be on the bed.

So this sheep is inspired by Emily's sheep on the sheep sheets. And I think I was also inspired by the sheep from Wallace and Grommit. 

Also, if there is one thing I have learned about sheep in my many years on this earth, it's that they are idiots. So I tried to make him look a little clueless.

I feel like I should say sheep some more. sheep sheep sheep.

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  1. Cute story! :) and cute sheep. I think you're right - sheep are not the brightest of creatures. I think they rank one or two spots higher than pigeons.

  2. haha! yes, that's true! :)