Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Weekend Recap - Basement & Puke

I've realized that I need to start getting into the habit of making more posts besides the Daily Animal Doodle. Because, let's face it. The doodles are over at the end of this month, and then what will I be left with? One or two posts a week? So I figured I better start preparing ahead of time for the big change and think of other things to post like a normal person.

SO. I'm going to start doing weekend recaps. Hope you like them.

On Friday the hubs and I celebrated our 4th wedding anniversary (well our actual anniversary was Thursday. But you know.) I'm going to be writing a post about that on Thursday, so I will spare you the pain of describing everything TWICE. So. Skip to Saturday.

On Saturday my sister came over in the morning so that we could rehearse a song we are doing for a friend's wedding on Friday. Besides rehearsing we also talked talked talked, played Rock Band 3, and watched Youtube clips of Jimmy Fallon's late night hashtags. Jimmy Fallon is not always my favorite, but man that's some funny stuff right there. Hannah left for work and my inlaws, Roy and Joan, came over from WI to stay with us a few nights. The main purpose of their stay was so that Roy could help the hubs do electrical work in our basement.

Side note. We have an unfinished basement. That we are finishing. If all goes according to plan we should eventually (key word here is eventually) end up with a laundry room that doesn't include a washer and dryer on opposite sides of the house from each other. It will also include a nice big storage area, a second bathroom, a family room (already partially finished), art studio! Eeeeee! Oh, and there's also a bouldering cave. We decided to do that last but somehow it got done first.

That night consisted of Father's Day dinner at La Casita and the movie Salt. Lot's of little surprises in that movie, eh?

On Sunday morning at church we heard a great sermon. Here are two quotes that stuck out to me, "Partial obedience is disobedience" and "Very ineffective people are really good at making excuses." For lunch I tried my hand at being a good cook, but I underestimated how many green beans I needed and each person ended up with about six shriveled tiny beans a piece. Um, embarrassing. 

While the boys went back to work, Joan and I went to watch my dear cousin's violin recital. She played beautifully. Afterwards, we (we means myself, Joan, my mom, brother, sister, 2 cousins, aunt and uncle, and grandparents) went to my grandparent's house for dinner, which was the first time Joan had spent an extended period of time with my family. Other than the part where the conversation somehow got stuck on puke for like a half hour, I would say it went pretty well. Brian for some reason wasn't surprised when we got home and told him that we had talked extensively about puke.

Well that pretty much wraps up the weekend. When I had time in there I worked on a piece I'm doing for a friend, a new piece for the shop, watched lots of these with the hubs, tried and failed to be a social networking guru, drew and blogged about platypi, armadillos, mokeys, cheetahs, and slept.

And on Sunday night I asked if someone would please extend the weekend but nobody did.


Oh man, I am long winded. If you have stuck with me this long then you are probably my mom, who is my biggest fan. Thanks Mom! Love you!

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