Saturday, June 11, 2011

Oh the Memories

I decided to join ANOTHER link up! Turns out they are pretty fun. This one is the Saturday Snapshot over at Yellow Songbird. All you have to do is post a fun photo of yourself, and that's it. Sounds easy enough to me!

This picture is from way back in the good old days at Northwestern College, sophmore year. It was Halloween and me and some pals (Dave, Ben, me and Sheena) decided to go trick or treating. We didn't get the best reception from some of the families in the neighborhood (probably because it was after 9pm and we were adult trick or treaters), but you know. We were silly college students who didn't know any better, you can't blame us.

I'm the one in the black wig holding an alligator under my arm.

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  1. SO fun! love silly photos like these :) thanks for linking up!