Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Fox, Dandelion, Mower. That sounds like a song title! Never mind, no it doesn't.

I have a couple new pieces in the shop!

Lil' Foxy on White

His name is Lil' Foxy. I know, I'm just so clever with names, right? He's going to cause all sorts of ruckus terrorizing the bird friends I have in there so far.

Lil' Foxy with Turquoise

Don't terrorize them too much Lil' Foxy. I need to try and make money off those things.

In other news, we are getting a new lawn mower tonight. Death to dandelions! I used to think dandelions were really cute. You know, little yellow bouquets, small children, head wreaths and stuff. Not that my dandelion head wreaths ever worked. *cue sad music

So. Dandelions. Cute, bright, yellow.

Until I became a home owner. And the dandelions infested our yard and lives. Sweet little yellow blossoms became huge spindly armies, devouring the grass and anything else unfortunate enough to try and be a plant in our yard. I wish I had a picture to show you. 

Just kidding, I'm glad I don't have one. It's horrifying.

Last summer we bought one of those little push mowers with blades and no motor. A reel mower, it's called. You know, to try and be green. And cheap. We thought it would work fine since we have a pretty small yard. 

And it did.

On grass.

But not tall grass. Or weeds. Or dandelions. Of which I've already told you we have A LOT.

Oh and the other part of this story is that our neighbors have a beautiful, well kept yard.

So we would mow (or the hubs would mow, I should say), but the dandelions would still be there. It was like they didn't even notice that we were trying to destroy them.

So tonight we are getting a new lawn mower. With a MOTOR. It will be a yellow flower army destroying machine.

Anyone want to buy a reel mower?


Ok so now that I've talked entirely too long about our yard, I bid the interwebs good evening. We're off to Home Depot. Or Menards. Or Lowe's. Or wherever. 

By the way, any dandelion infestation tips out there? We tried this fertilizer dandelion killer stuff but I don't think it worked. But I also think we put it down too late, so we might try it again next spring. Just don't tell me to weed them out one by one because I just....won't. I just will not.


  1. i've never really known what to do about weeds that are in our lawn...without killing the grass? good luck is all i can offer you!

    p.s. foxy on turquoise is my favorite thus far!

  2. Thank you! :) Yes, yard work is annoying lol.

  3. We have dandelion issues too. I've tried five different weed killers - no joke. I've come to the conclusion that our lawn is just super unhealthy and thin, so that when there's any room to grow, dandelions take over. So we've been seeding and fertilizing, which causes both grass and weeds to grow, but hope that our grass will be healthier in the long run and push out the weeds.