Thursday, June 30, 2011

This post is about my bathroom.

Week 5 of Gussy's Inspiration Workshop is here! This week's prompt was Perfect Bathroom.

I don't have a perfect bathroom, so taking a picture of it was not an option. But I didn't really want to try and look for a picture of what I WISHED my bathroom looked like because I get sad when I can't have I am posting a picture of my cats. 

Sitting in my bathroom.

I know, it's a pretty ingenious solution. 

I do have ideas to try and make my bathroom perfect, however. They include painting the floor tile white (has anyone ever painted their tile before, by the way? I've heard that you can do it, but haven't done too much research), making new curtains that actually match and don't make the wall appear purple (it's supposed to be slate. SLATE!) And...that's about it. New towels would be nice but you know.

We are also planning on putting another bathroom downstairs. Someday. And in order to make that one perfect I would like to request a very large tub. 

Large tub. Hear that hubsy? Large tub.

The hubs is still thinking on that one.

But we've got time. First we have to finish the laundry room and the storage room and my art studio. And then save up more money. And THEN do the bathroom. So time is on our side, friends.

In the meantime I am happy with cats as accessories. Have I mentioned that I'm a crazy cat lady?

Just kidding I'm not. Don't be scared.

I like cats.

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  1. I found you on the GUssy Inspiration Blog. {i like cats too, but mine won't sit still in the bathroom for fear of getting a bath} Love the SLATE and lime green! Great color combo! Have a great day!

  2. so cute they posed. ha-ha. i love the colors.
    stopped by from gussy.

  3. You SO tickle me! Your cats make lovely accessories.