Friday, June 17, 2011

Platypus Doodle

Daily Animal Doodles
Day 17 - Platypus

Ok. I had a little mix up. I drew an armadillo.

Later I noticed that I was supposed to draw a platypus.

Wait, aren't they the same thing?!?!

Apparently not. By the time I realized my mistake I had no doodle oomph left in me. The hubs mentioned that he used to have a platypus beanie baby as a kid (wait, what?) so I looked up platypus beanie babies on google and this is what came out.

Just live with it people.

The bummer deal was that I actually really liked how my armadillo turned out. So I am posting it too.

So. Today I have discovered that I like armadillos more than platypuses. Another discovery: beanie baby platypuses do not have tails even though real platypuses have very large tails. AAANNDD confession: before today I really didn't know what either of them looked like before I googled them.

And yes I know that I am blogging about drawing strange animals very late on a Friday night. Just stop thinking about that.

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1 comment:

  1. The Beanie Baby platypus was one of my favorites! I loved the pretty shade of purple with the bright yellow beak. Ah...memories...

    Great job on both of your doodles! :)