Thursday, February 25, 2016

4/52 - take two

Trying not to fall behind on my weekly blogging goal. It seems like this should be a simple and achievable task, but somehow I can barely get one load of laundry done in a day? And so what DOES take up all my time each day? Every night I ask myself this question and I'm really not entirely sure, although last Thursday it involved spending an hour with the girls driving all the way to Duluth and back without getting out of the car and then going into the library with soaking wet pants.

My apologies if that paragraph is mostly jarbled mom brain mush, my sleep is lacking. Please to forgive.

Anyway, on to the kiddie pics!

Neva's life's work is to fill her diaper. She does this bravely, passionately, and frequently. I find that much of MY life's work is to wait, patiently, sometimes in amazement and disbelief, for her to finish filling her diaper.

She's very good at what she does.

This picture kills me. Dead. Dead as a doornail! Or a doorknob. Which one is it?? I cannot believe how old my oldest baby looks in this picture. Last week we went to her preschool screening, which she will be starting in the fall. Preschool three days a week! I feel like having a kid in an actual school reaches some scary level of adulting that I cannot possibly be ready for.

And yet it also sounds very nice?????

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Tuesday, February 16, 2016

3/52 - take two

A little glimpse into our day.

Here we have Neva, sweetly oblivious to the fact that she was almost stabbed in the eyeball by the pink parasol being wielded by her sister, who happened to be dressed in a dog suit. Made for a pretty nice picture.

We were having a dress up day. Or maybe I should say, PAISLEY was having a dress up HAY DAY and was incredibly pleased with herself. As one is when wearing six princess dresses at once. Plus a panda hat, flower necklaces, and Pinkerton.

Hi. I'm Paisley. Could I BE wearing any more clothes?

"Crazy" and "bag lady" are some words that come to mind while gazing at this photo.

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Saturday, February 6, 2016

2/52 - take two

We're back with week two, and so it looks like my goal of "get back into regular blogging" is looking preeeetty on track so far. High fives.

Here's Neva at 12 weeks old. She is growing into the roundest, softest, gentlest little face you have ever seen. Just a perfect little circle of a head and a little round nose and little round lips!! How can there ever be enough of Neva? I am perfectly smitten with all the roundness.

And here's my other cutie. Her head shape is also extremely nice and receives many kisses from me, and I can't seem to stop playing with her hair which of course is so annoying to her. Is that some type of milestone? Becoming annoying to your kid? Maybe I should write it in her baby book.

This Daniel Tiger coloring book is certainly being used to it's very greatest potential. Not a page is left untouched!  And not a cap is returned to it's marker. Seeing markers left around without their caps on is the type of thing that gives me the eye twitches and makes me want to run and panic and drop everything because wait!! the markers!! they are drying out, horror!!!! My instinct is to pack them safely away in a cupboard where they will be snuggly capped and rarely used so that they never run out of precious ink. But then my question is, what's the point of having a kid if they can't even use their markers? Even if their memory is not yet adapted to returning caps to their proper mates. There is something in my personality that always wants to save "the good stuff" for "something special." (Big hand quotations in the air.) The good outfits, the good desserts, the good markers, the good coffee, the good smelling body wash. But you know what happens - they of course never get used! And we end up with six bottles of unused and forgotten "special" body wash from three years ago stuffed in the back of a cupboard.

We'll call this an opportunity for growth for me.

And so on Monday we are buying new markers from the good old Walmart because all of ours are pitifully shriveled and parched and very, very well used.

Good story Liz.

Thanks everyone.

And now, I leave you with evidence of a snow experience.

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