Friday, January 25, 2013


Trying my best to keep baby girl entertained today. It's not always easy - turns out babies bore very quickly. I'm thinking (hoping!) she'll be more easily distracted when she someday becomes mobile and can plan her own adventures on her hands and knees.

Of course having a mobile baby creates the totally different problem of trying to keep track of said baby and of trying to keep things out of said baby's mouth. But if it means having a baby who is happier and more content for longer periods of time, then awesome.

Right now we are calling out birds of prey noises to each other as I quickly try and type this post.

On that note, if you ever need to hear some pretty powerful birds of prey noises, come to my house. My girl is a pro. And I'm not so bad myself.

But do me a favor and call first. I gotta clean up around here yo.


  1. Your posts never cease to make me laugh! birds of prey is the most perfect way to describe little baby noises, I defiantly make more unintelligible sounds now with my baby girl then I ever did before, Eliana just started crawling and even though it has presented some new challenges, she will play on her own for longer periods, and she just started playing hide and seek with me too! so cute!

  2. Oh gosh she is so cute. Iz wants to come play with her so they can entertain each other for a few minutes! :) She has plenty of noises to contribute to the flock.