Thursday, March 5, 2015

snow/sick days are sometimes the good ones

Look at me! Writing again after just a few days. It's all these fun snowy pictures that happened the other day, and I just had to show you. We had a snow/sick Tuesday this week and hooked up our old VCR (horrid eye sore that it is) so we could watch Lion King and Jungle Book and all those special warm feelings classics. As Paisley listened in awe to her first "AAAHHHSAVENYAA," Brian and I cried confused tears of happiness/sadness as Rafikki held up baby Simba, and we reveled in the strange sensation of showing her such a favorite childhood film while not being children anymore ourselves and ALL THE FEELINGS.

Ok I was the only one who cried those tears. Brian just looked at me, a startled look on his face.

And then Paisley only lasted about 3 more minutes into the movie before she went on to play with her opposites puzzle but ALL THAT ASIDE.

It was magical.

As the day went on and I looked at the piles of snow climbing outside our windows I thought to myself, "If I was a REALLY good mom I would take my daughter outside to play in what will likely be the last large snow fall of the year."


So we ventured out into the snowy mounds even though I couldn't find my snow pants and Paisley had the time of her life while I watched and took pictures and the hubs shoveled the driveway, despite feeling sick. Brave, strong fellow that he is.


is the caption for the last picture.

In case you were unsure.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

My cats don't actually like being dressed in baby clothes

Well I'd like to say that I update my blog more than once a month but...looking at the dates of my last few posts...that's not looking like a true statement.

On that note, here are some more statements that may not be true:

I'm good at sports

My cats love when I dress them in baby clothes

Paisley and I didn't force the hubs to dance to Disney songs with us in the living room last night

In fact we never convince him to have living room dance parties, ever

I was on time this morning

I'm usually on time to things in general

Air Bud is a good movie

I know how to fold a fitted sheet

And here is a statement that IS true: these two goofballs make my life pretty great. Especially when they trade hats.

Ok lets see if I can make it back here again before another month goes by. Ready go!