Tuesday, March 3, 2015

My cats don't actually like being dressed in baby clothes

Well I'd like to say that I update my blog more than once a month but...looking at the dates of my last few posts...that's not looking like a true statement.

On that note, here are some more statements that may not be true:

I'm good at sports

My cats love when I dress them in baby clothes

Paisley and I didn't force the hubs to dance to Disney songs with us in the living room last night

In fact we never convince him to have living room dance parties, ever

I was on time this morning

I'm usually on time to things in general

Air Bud is a good movie

I know how to fold a fitted sheet

And here is a statement that IS true: these two goofballs make my life pretty great. Especially when they trade hats.

Ok lets see if I can make it back here again before another month goes by. Ready go!

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