Thursday, June 23, 2011

Inspiration from the Zoo

Hello. It's week 4 of the Inspiration Workshop! This week's prompt was Spend the Day Playing.

This prompt came at just the right time, because the hubs and I had taken a day off from work last Friday for fun and play at the Minnesota Zoo in celebration of our four year wedding anniversary! It was such a blast, and all of the animal encounters were good ones. Lots of up closes! I guess you could probably call us zoo animal whisperers. If you want.

Gussy challenged us to make a photo collage and I accepted the challenge.

I will make a list of explanations in the order of the pictures, because I love making lists. 

  • Mr. Wolf came close to the glass.
  • Me wearing an elephant earring in the spirit of going to the zoo.
  • My favorite part: prairie dogs. Sometimes they throw their head and hands back and shriek. I didn't know that they did that. So comical!
  • Flamingos. One drinks from the gross orange murk water.
  • Me with a tiger. Looking happy.
  • Me pretending to be a reindeer. Brian getting really excited that he got a shot of the reindeer right inside my arm/head triangle.
  • Me pretending to be a bear. That bear ended up walking around really close to the glass, scratching his back and butt on anything he could find. Like Baloo the Bear from Jungle Book. I guess Disney is pretty accurate when it comes to the portrayal of bear habits.
  • Us looking happy on our anniversary.
  • The hubs found a tunnel.
  • "Liz, come into the tunnel!" "No, I'm wearing a dress."
  • Brian making a lemur face alongside a lemur. Lemur's are his favorite, he loves their bushy tails. He wishes he had one of his own. A tail, that is. Although he probably wouldn't say no to a pet lemur.
  • Me using my owl purse in the spirit of going to the zoo. People kept staring at me while Brian took this pic. Guess it's weird to take pictures of your owl purse in public places.
  • A wolverine that liked to play with paper in a tree.
  • The hubs with an orange swirl ice cream cone.

I think a couple of the pictures are blurry. Sorry about that. But I'm not redoing the collage.

Oh and let me give you another list. This one is about why this anniversary was so great:

  • We got free passes for the zoo from the library.
  • We had a gift card for Olive Garden for dinner.
  • We got a free rental from Blockbuster that night.
  • Our anniversary was free. Except for parking at the zoo.
  • Fabuloooouuuuss!!!!!

When we got home from the zoo and dinner we watched our free movie, Despicable Me (yes, totally loved it like everyone said I would) in our basement because our upstairs smelled gross from this weird maple flavored sausage we had cooked that morning. Confession time. I just hate it when our house smells like meat. Hate it so much. Don't get me wrong, I like to eat the meat. I just don't like to smell it. In my house. Is that weird? Wait, don't tell me. Just humor me.

Then we both worked on drawing stuff. The hubs on a pic for his dad for Father's day, and myself on an armadillo. Which actually turned out to be a platypus. Or the other way around. It was traumatic.

Let's wrap this up. Our day spent playing was the best ever. :)

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  1. Congrats on your anniversary! Coming from gussy sews.

    Looks like it was a fabulous day!

  2. Congrats on your anniversary! I love owls and really <3 your purse. I used to think that prairie dogs were cute, until you told us that they shriek(that's a little scary). But your animal impressions were awesome!

  3. there was (not kidding) a series of like 48+ hours where our house smelled of pork when wil made some stock. waking up to the smell of pork broth makes you want to gag. good in soups? yes. scent permeating everything? no.

  4. Thanks Lesa!

    Earl-Leigh, yes I was completely caught off guard by them shrieking! But I ended up liking it hehe.

    Kris, I am glad I am not alone. And I am sorry for the 48 hours of pork broth smell that you had to endure. I can only imagine how horrible it was.