Saturday, June 11, 2011

Gepetto's Little Problem

Let me introduce you a little more extensively to our two cats, because I know that's what you've been secretly hoping for all along.
This is Pisica. She photographs well.

Please don't pay any attention to the dirty glass that used to hold chocolate milk. Just look at the cat. Thanks.

Posing so nice.

Just peaking her head over. Good job kitty.

This is Gepetto. She photographs badly.

creeper face

demon eyes

weird half asleep but about to attack

And oh but how this is my favorite picture ever.

Gepetto's actually pretty hip as far as cats go, but you wouldn't guess it from the way that she photographs. I guess she's kind of like Chandler Bing on Friends. You know, like when he and Monica try and get their engagement pictures taken professionally and Chandler just grimaces like a goblin the whole time? Remember that one? If you don't you better go here and then come back.

Oh look at the kitties! Pisica looks so cute and playful in the sunlight! And Gepetto looks so cute with...her face..... .. ...oh. Never mind.

Don't worry, Gepetto. We don't judge. Everybody has their bad photo days, you know?

I do.

The hubs does.

And yes, at times even Pisica does.

Wo. I don't know what's happening there but something is happening.

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  1. love scrubs, lost, and now i find out friends too? those are the hubs and my favorites. potentially top 3 of all time.