Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Big Bad Madge

Progress report on operation open Etsy shop: it's getting closer! I just finished my banner that will go across the top of the shop page:

That's Madge poking her head out, so that she can keep a grumpy eye on everything that goes down in there. I know I can count on her to keep things honest.

Here's a
link to the shop so far - yes it's empty, but not for long! I will start out selling just prints, but hope to add more items like stationary or notecards very soon down the line. And after that who knows! My next step is to make a trip to the post office with some sample packages of prints so I can get an idea of what I need to charge for shipping costs. I've been putting it off fooorrr eeee vvvverrrr because really, when is it convenient to go to the post office?  When you're not even sending anything?

And another next step is to list items in the shop, I guess. Well obviously.

I'm getting super excited. And mega nervous.  Play ball!!!

Sorry I know I said I wouldn't write that again but I still haven't thought of an awesome catch phrase and it just keeps coming out. Like, I can't stop my fingers from typing it. Whine.

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