Monday, May 23, 2011

The Small Triumphs in Life

Well I finally made it to the post office with my package samples - I left early enough in the morning to stop by before work. Now that's a pretty great feat, because I'm NOT a morning person. Mornings are just hard, you know? I always have the best of intentions to get super productive things done before I leave for work, but I usually just end up...not doing anything productive at all and barely making it to work on time as it is. Most mornings you can find me sitting on the floor still in my bathrobe (having fed the cats 20 minutes earlier) completely zoned out and staring at the wall. 

Charming, aren't I?

Just ask my husband. My poor poor husband.

Anyway, embarrassing morning rituals aside. The post office went without a hitch. I got there with plenty of time (thanks to the prompting of the ever helpful and understanding hubs):

Brian: "Remember how you wanted to make it to the post office this morning? Come on, start getting ready!" (pushes me off the couch)
Me: (Incoherent whining)

Things moved along quickly at the ol' P.O., and I miraculously did not show up late to work. I am just feeling pretty proud of myself. And now that I know how much to charge for shipping costs, all I have to do is write up my product descriptions and then list my products! Jolly good.

Well, I guess that I also have to try and start 
selling my products, which is probably the hardest part. Time to get my marketing skills on! When I was in college my graphic design professor advised me to take some marketing classes. That advice sounds pretty good right about now.

Note to self: Elizabeth, always take the advice of people who are wiser than you no matter how boring it sounds or how full your class schedule already is.

Anyway. I am SUPER excited. This has been a plan in the makings for a very long time. I am so happy to finally make it happen!

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