Saturday, May 14, 2011

It is time.

Well here I am, finally starting a blog!  I have been meaning to do this for...quite some time now.  I guess I've been putting off this first entry because, well, what do you write for your first blog post?  It's an awkward situation.

The main purpose of this blog (at least as I foresee it now) will be mostly to display current illustration and graphic design pieces that I am working on.  Feedback would be wonderful.  I have an
Etsy shop in the makings (not open yet), and will be documenting the process of its opening here in some upcoming posts.  My eventual goal is to be selling my pieces online, to the extent that I can help support my family.  Wooo!  Just the thought excites me.  Play ball!!!

You know how some popular blogs have special little signature sayings that their readers know them for?  Maybe mine should be "Play ball!!!"

Key to success right there.

Besides art stuff, I imagine this blog will also have stories, ponderings, photos of life, deep thoughts, and what not.  

You know, the things that most blogs also have.

Tomorrow I will put up a little about me post, complete with funny pictures and stuff.  So that anyone out there reading this thing (all two of you - thanks hubs and seestor!) can get to know me better.

Well, now that the awkward first post is done, hopefully I'll be able to spit these babies out a lot more quickly.

Don't worry, I probably will never write "Play Ball!!!" on this blog again.  

I'll think of something better.

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