Sunday, July 31, 2011

Walrus Doodle

(Semi) Daily Animal Doodles
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This guy looks a little sad. A little weepy.

Cheer up walrus.

Well July has come and gone, along with the July Daily Animal Doodles. I definitely didn't do it daily, I didn't even quite do it for half of the days. 

BUT. I think August (here's the new list) will be better.

You know why?

It's because I will soon be leaving my full time job in order to make (a lot) more time to pursue graphic design and my Etsy shop

Um, yes you can say that I'm very excited. 

I have been very thankful for my job - God plopped it right into my lap when we really needed it. I gained some valuable experience and met some great people. But now He has opened up doors for me to be able to pursue what I really enjoy, what I have been dreaming/hoping my career would eventually look like. 

I will still be teaching violin lessons, and I'm also picking up a part time nanny job. But I have done the calculations and I will be freeing up 24 hours a week.


That's a lot of hours. Not only will I be able to pursue design, but I will have more time to take care of things around the house, which is something I've been wanting too

So. It's a new chapter in our lives. I'm super excited to see where our family goes from here.

And it will of course lend me much more time for animal doodles.

HAPPY! happy. HAPPY! happy.

So that's the news around here! Ummm BIG SMILE.

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  1. I'm so excited for you! It must've been a huge leap, but I'm sure it'll be worth it, since you've got so much talent!

  2. Thanks so much Linda! Yes it's pretty big leap but I'm so excited! :)

  3. more animal doodles! yipee! but seriously, that is so exciting. i hope he continues to open doors, and that you just love the time to pursue all your different avenues!