Thursday, July 21, 2011

Sometimes I change I guess.

Lately, I have been inspired to improve my housewife skills!  


My living room. I cleaned it up just for you!

It's strange, because I was always a girl who never wanted to stay home in any way, shape or form. I wanted to be out with friends. When I was in high school, not having plans on a Friday night was the most horrifying of scenarios. And as I squinted ahead towards the future, I didn't think I wanted to stay home as an adult, either. The thought of being a stay at home mom or house wife never appealed to me. I would be a working woman, at some graphic design firm! With plans every Friday night. And probably most other nights too. And I never wanted to cook, or clean, or garden or sew or anything like that. You know, all that cliche staying at home woman stuff.

But something has been happening to me in the last year or so. Or probably longer than that.

I want to stay home.


I love my home. I want to stay there and take care of it. I get bummed that I don't have enough time to keep the house as clean as I would like, or cook full meals with actual recipes and stuff. I have sudden urges to write down detailed cleaning/cooking/meal planning schedules for each day of the week, preparing for the day when I get to quit my day job. I dream about having all the time I want to work on new art pieces to put in my
Etsy shop, or to continue growing the business I started with my friend Emily.

So, what's happening to me?? 

My friend Beebs said that she thinks I must be nesting. I don't really know what that means but, well ya I don't really know what that means.

A couple of months ago I lamented to Brian that, "All I want to do is stay home and cook you delicious meals." He looked at me with the wide eyes of surprise. "That's new," he said.

Here are some strange things that have been happening in my life:

I have been cooking full meals more often. And I love searching for new recipes. 

I actually get excited when I realize that I have a few spare hours to scrub some part of the house. 

I've been sewing curtains. (Well, my mom has been helping me with that because she's pretty much the best seamstress ever. This is how it goes: she figures out all the measurements and logistics out and then gives me simple tasks to help with that I can comprehend. Like pinning or sewing a seam. Oh but I get to pick out the fabrics. yessssss)

And yes I have even gardened. (But I sure didn't like it. Gardening's the worst. Someone please tell me what I have to do to have a presentable yard with the least possible amount of work.)

You know the weirdest part? 

I sometimes get excited about not having plans on a Friday night.

But only sometimes. I'm not going to become a hermit or anything. Friends, please still hang out with me.

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  1. it's funny how the season of life your in changes you.

  2. Choosing fabric, pinning and sewing seams is a lot of help with curtain production. You practically made them... ;) By the way, your living room is really cute.

  3. The other day I actually was thinking about my inner housewife. I ended up deciding she was probably too much like Peggy Bundy.