Thursday, July 14, 2011


And we're back with week seven of the Gussy's Inspiration Workshop. The prompt for this week was sunshine

I've been complaining to people lately that I feel like I haven't had too much of a summer yet. That it's already July and I feel like I haven't gotten ANY sunshine!

Seriously my skin is still the same color that it's been all winter.

But that's partly because I use sunscreen like a fiend. My sunburn days are over.

Ok, so last weekend and the one before I did find myself outside quite a bit which was fabulous. But I find myself remembering last summer, when I went on vacation to Maine for a family reunion and we were outside a lot. And there was LOTS of sunshine. And it was beautiful.

One day I found this little crab. In the sunshine.

Like my huge sunglasses? They always fell down my nose. But they didn't give me a headache.

We did lots of walks on the beach, ice cream eating, shell searching, kite flying, lobster eating, whale watching, sitting in a breezy porch, bouldering, frisbee-ing, Quelf playing, exploring, shrimp eating, more shell searching, it was great.

Can I go back now?

Hopefully I will find myself bathed in much more sunshine as this summer continues.

Starting this weekend because the hubs and I are going CANOEING! So happy. :) But I'm still going to be white because I already told you that I'm a sunscreen fiend.

Well I'm wrapping this up. Get some sunshine people! I will too.


  1. That sounds like a lovely sun-filled vacation! I'm surprised the crab didn't pinch :) Stopping by from Gussy :)

  2. your brave holding that crab :)

  3. Your posts always make me hungry. Ice cream, lobster and shrimp, oh my! Sounds like a delicious vacation