Friday, May 31, 2013


I really super duper heart this picture. Sitting in a wagon, eating toast and rocking the crazy old guy hair. The crazy old guy hair is on account of girlfriend refusing to keep her hat on, so I had no choice but to slather sunscreen all over her scalp. It was gross, but also veeerrry funny.

I'm not as tired as when I posted last week's picture. Probably because baby girl has developed this new little habit that we like to call "sleeping through the night." It's been a week now so I think that means we can say it's official? 

(Cue the angel choir bursting forth from the clouds, singing and playing their harps and tambourines, wings all aflutter!)



It's nice, we like it.

Hopefully I haven't just jinxed myself by making this grand official announcement.

I'll be posting photos from our Memorial Day weekend here soon! Because obviously, why would I post them the week after the fact when I could instead post them TWO weeks after the fact?

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  1. AMAZING! The hair and the sleeping too of course! :)