Friday, June 14, 2013


Here we are, tasting those helicopter things that fall to the ground. She's been making that scrunchy nose face all the time lately and I am thrilled to have finally caught it in a photo, since she usually breaks out her big scrunch free grin when she sees me get the camera. Girlfriend knows when to pose.

My oh my but do I always mean to blog more. I have nothing but the best of intentions! I've been meaning to write about current art projects, trips to the farmer's market, upcoming shop updates, the decimal of my daughter's voice when she wants peaches RIGHT THIS INSTANT WITH NO EXCEPTION...and probably some other things too. The weather, most likely. And how lame it is.

Sunshine! You are my friend. Please come back to me.

I've been busy with work and projects and laundry and peekaboo and baby girl dance parties and lamenting the fact that 9-month olds don't understand the meaning of WAIT JUST ONE LITTLE MINUTE AND MOMMY WILL GET IT FOR YOU, and also trying to catch whoever it is who messes up my kitchen immediately after I clean it. Who could it be???

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