Tuesday, June 19, 2012

5 Years!

We had a great anniversary.

Starting out with trying to get a nice picture of ourselves. Trying is the key word here.

We finally got one with two nice smiles, no double chins, and both our faces.

Activities of the weekend included delicious homemade ice cream at Crema Cafe. (I got chai tea ice cream, and yes the word you are looking for is YUM.)

Dinner and bowling at Bryant Lake Bowl. I tried not to bend or twist my back at all (it's been a-hurtin' lately) so I looked preeetty silly trying to bowl like that. Very stick straight. But in a basketball belly type of way.

In other news, it turns out that I score better when I bowl pregnant lady style.

The hubs bowling and keeping score. He's having a good time, I swear!

Me complaining after realizing that I had no socks to wear with the bowling shoes. This was a large bummer. The second picture is of me making the most of a stinky situation.

The hubs was the perfect gentleman and offered his socks for me to wear...but I wasn't sure that would make things any better. All boys as a rule have very sweaty feet. But I did appreciate the gesture.

Other activities included playing Ticket to Ride at least six times over the course of the weekend - my new favorite game and one of my anniversary gifts. My other gift was a gorgeous new glider and ottoman for the baby's room! What a great (GREAT) hubs I have. I've been enjoying sitting on it out in the living room since the baby's room is no where close to ready yet.

We'd better get on that.

The weekend was such a blast and as it came to an end I felt very happy and blessed. Not only with a fantastic marriage that is still going strong, but also with wonderful and generous family members who have been supporting us all along and are still supporting us as we step into a new chapter of our lives.

Thanks guys.

I documented last year's anniversary too, here!


  1. What a fun time! I've found bowling to be a bit less enjoyable as a pregnant lady too, but still lots of fun. And Ticket to Ride?! I LOVE love love that game. I bought it for my sister and brother-in-law based on good reviews, but having never played it, and now I can't get enough and think we need to get a game for ourselves. That game's the best.

    Oh, and glad to know we aren't the only ones with an incomplete baby room. It'll all get done, right? :)

  2. Happy 5 year anniversary! What a great milestone and I love how you celebrated (all great celebrations must include ice cream!!) :)

  3. happy anniversary long distance friend! hope the pregnancy is going well i can't believe how fast it's going... i've been doing google reader on my phone for too long now and just needed to say a real hello!