Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Pickled People

I wanted to share with you my most favorite recent thrifting find.

The label on the top of the (very old) jar is blurry and hard to read, but if your eyes are very good at reading blurry things you'll notice that it reads "pickled people."

My co-thrifter Jennie and I just about peed ourselves laughing.

I probably should have bought them and displayed them somewhere on our kitchen counter. I definitely could have afforded them since they were only $.99. (That's a lot of pickled people for under a dollar!) But it appears that if I really want to I can make some myself as I believe that all you need are some cotton balls, panty hose, and googly eyes.

In fact I should probably make a blog tutorial for it. Brilliant!

I'm working from a coffee shop today as our stupid horrible internet at home isn't working right now. (It's the worst. Especially since we just had someone out to fix it like, two weeks ago. It makes me very. crabby. Just ask the hubs.)

But I AM enjoying people watching in the coffee shop. There's Seriously-Rocking-Out-Hardcore-With His-Ipod guy, Throwing-Garbage-Everywhere children, and Looks-Just-Like-Someone-I-Used-To-Work-With-But-Turns-Out-It's-Not-Him man.

However I decided to step outside the comfort zone of my usual drink and try the suggestion of the young and eager barista boy. He gave me some strawberry basil iced tea which sounds refreshing and stylish, but after a few sips leaves me longing for my own beloved and comfortable iced chai tea latte.

It's times like these that make me wonder why I ever try new things.


  1. Ha! Pickled people. I'm sure they're better left on the shelf in the long run, but I admire you for not actually peeing yourselves. Pregnancy and all... :)

    Mmm, that strawberry basil iced tea sounds good (I'm a basil fanatic), but I feel ya on trying something new and then wishing you had your favorite old stand-by instead. Totally been there.

  2. What a flashback! We used to have these at home and they looked identical! Head back to the store and send them my way ....... wait..... would that be too fragile/liquid/perishable for the usps? Either way, great to see pickled people again.

  3. When I was a little girl, my dad took my sister and I camping at Barton Flats in CA. We weren't frequent campers and we lacked a bit of entertainment while dad cooked or did other chores st the camp sight. We lucked out tho. The camp site next to us housed a girl younger than either of us. We made instant friends. Her grandmother had carefully crafted a jst of these pickled people (which she just called pickle people). It turned out they were very useful. You could hide them in your dad's shave kit or shoes, play catch, invent elaborate stories for them to act out, or tell them all your secrets. My sister and I were uber jealous and never forgot these mini friends even after we had forgotten the name of the sweet girl that shared them with us.