Monday, June 11, 2012


Do you ever listen to itunes on your computer, and then mute it when you get a phone call, and then forget to un-mute it until apparently it has silently played through 2 1/2 Ben Folds albums without your knowledge?

That didn't happen to me today.

Just kidding it did.

Well Ben Folds is back on and I'm ready to share a bit about my super fun weekend! The hubs and I had one of my veeery favorite types of weekends - a camping weekend. We ventured off to a nearby state park with a few good friends and got our tents and campfires on.

I was a little bit nervous about going because of the whole baby growing thing and wasn't sure how my body would hold up to sleeping in a tent for two nights since girlfriend has been giving me some pretty severe back pain. But we packed plenty of cushioning (we just car camped this weekend yo, no backpacking trips for us this year!) and I was surprised and so very pleased that sleeping wasn't a problem for my poor back.

The real problem lay in the hiking. We had some great hikes, complete with beautiful scenery, getting up close and personal (and muddy) with the St. Croix River, witnessing some wildlife (including millions of mosquitos), and finding an amazing beach to take a refreshing swim in (it was around 90 degrees all weekend so getting in the water felt GRAND). But by the end I was definitely hobbling around like an old lady.

Or maybe just like a pregnant lady with an extremely sore back, I don't know.

I wasn't the only one who was tired though. This is Sitka, our friends' pup. She was exhausted. And floppy.

The remainder of the time I was able to rest my back as we played fun games, had good chats, ate delicious food (it's true that all food tastes EXTRA good when you are camping) and had great laughs.

Here's the hubs making a Zoolander face. Blue Steel, I'm pretty sure.

So now we are back in the blessed air conditioning complete with a wee bit of sunburn and a tremendous bit of bug bites, and it feels like my body is still recovering. As sad as that may or may not sound. But I'm so glad I got to get a camping trip in this summer in my current state! We'll see if we manage another one.

How was your weekend friends?

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  1. So cool. We are going to try to sneak in a camping trip if we can before baby comes, but not sure if we'll get a chance. I'm super jealous of your fun time. Not much beats a fun weekend of camping. :)